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Opinions of Monday, 20 March 2017

Columnist: Ananpansah, Isaac

110 ministers of state; A promising enigma to Ghana's political dynamics?


Everything within the human race and societal trace is receptive to change and hence, change is inevitable.The good people of Ghana responded to this inevitable message of change days gone by.Â
It has been months since the wind of change blew across Ghana and the hew and cry about what size of government to maintain is on!

 It's instructive to note that the world has always yearned for moderate spending and prudent appointment of government officials(in terms of size) to save the public purse and most especially, to avert the occurrence where a chunk of state coffers would be used to satisfy remuneration,salaries ,allowances or gratification to the detriment of other pressing needs of the economy and our national life.

The contemporary African society is richly endowed with enormous natural resources but still Lags behind in term of economic independence.Indeed,corruption together with poverty still continue to rear its ugly face in the vast  majority of the populist.
A paradoxical shift into the Ghanaian society is no different at all.Â

In this light,it puzzled many When the office of the first gentleman of the land H.E William Nana Addo Akuffo Addo appointed 110 minsters of state.This appointments came on the hills of raging allegations of corruption among political officeholders especially,the relegated NDC government.(Rejected without dejection).

Infact,the de bate is still on,and as expected,many within the political divide and pundits have slowly metamorphosized into political prophets and are already predicting  "dark and doom" for the  "barely three months old" government and its unending resolve to salvage the country's dying economy and clear the path for prosperity and liberty.

 Well,it's not a reminder . But according to article 78 of the 1992 constitution has given the president the prerogative to appoint the number of ministers he deems fit to help him manage the country. Nevertheless, many critiques have started calling for a constitutional review because they can't reconcile the current appointment with the history of Ghana . It's their right as well.

Though, early days yet,many are already skeptical of the government's resolve to liberate our country from the chains of underdevelopment.

Mind you,many hands are needed in meaningful nation building.Infact,it's a primary requirement in nation building most especially with our ever growing Ghanaian society and its many sophistications.Indeed,a builder must first have the right number of men and combine that with tack and strategy to execute a value for money building.A coach must first have the numbers to form a formidable team, before tack, strategy and discipline will combine to do the magic.

 The Akuffo Addo-Bawumia led NPP government is poised on building a robust and resilient economy and it's prudent to key in certain variables to fast- track it.Hence, it high time we throw away the traits of party colouration in dealing with national issues and build confidence in our institutions and struct ures.As it's not in any political party's ideology to draw back the clock of development and so, we should rally behind the state machineries.

 Verily verily,it is not the interest of anybody to milk the state  coffers dry by filling in party functionaries...It's only necessary to combat the various complexities that modern societies like ours presents and also, a dynamic style of leadership from the President.
Let all allay their fears.Ghana has got a good driver on the steering wheels.

The battle is still the Lord's....