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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Columnist: Poku, Kojo

$100,000 Quiz: Answer & Win!!!!!

Q1. Why Is President Kufuor Silent on ?Hotel Kufuor??
a) Same reason OJ Simpson was not put on the stand at his trial?

Q2. What happened to Ghana International Airlines (GIA)?
a) Ghana INVISIBLE Airline is now a Travel Agency

Q3. Where is the farmer who donated $43m for the renovation of Kufuor?s private residence?
a) He?s now a banker. He loaned $3.5m to chief Kufuor to buy a hotel

Q4. What happened to the IFC Loan?
a) What happened to Osama Bin Laden?

Q5. Where is the CNTCI Loan?
a) Still being processed by a Chinese Barber in London

Q6. What was the outcome of National Reconciliation Commission (NRC)?
a) Failed to ?Nail Rawlings Completely? (NRC).

Q7. Who Killed the Ya Na
a) Who killed the 3 Judges?

Q8. Who Killed Mobillah
a) Only deaths of Kwabena Agyepong?s relatives are investigated?

Q9. Why can?t we photograph Ghana?s President?s House, but we can photograph the white house, Kremlin, 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, etc
a) Because our demoCRAZY is in its infancy

Q10. Why was ex-Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs, Moctar Bamba, never prosecuted?
a) Where did JJ get money to buy 4 cars?

Q11. After trips to Mauritius, China, Japan, Morocco, etc President Kufuor promised the arrival of many investors. Where are they?
a) This is NDC propaganda. I refuse to answer this question.

Q12. What do these have in common: Ghana Telecom, GIA, Ghana Government, Black Stars
a) Colonialism rules: Ghanaian Institutions run by Foreigners for Ghanaians

Q13. Who is Gizelle Yajzi?
a) The first Iraqi to ?rule? Ghana

Q14. Why did Kufuor go to Jamaica?
a) Why does a dog lick its balls? Because, it can do it

Q.15 Why do Ghanaians like to answer a question with a question?
a) Who told you that?

NB: If you answered all (a), then get in touch for your reward.

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