Entertainment of Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Source: Anas

Hiplife Star defiles Girl

... Anas Goes Undercover As 'Queen Petra'

Popular hiplife musician, Akyampong Deeba is in the grips of INTERPOL Ghana for defilement.

His arrest however did not come without drama, not because he was arrested by Police but because of the involvement of ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Arabian friend, Sheikh Ibn Abu Talib.

Deeba was invited to a 5 star hotel here in Accra under the pretext of attending a music audition for already established music stars willing to revive their ambitions. It was during this time when he was giving a free style of his famous 'Deeba' track that the INTERPOL officers came in to arrest him.

Deeba is alleged to have defiled a minor in the United Kingdom (UK), between 2006 till 2008 when he returned to Ghana from the United Kingdom.

After years of investigations on his actions, UK INTERPOL requested their counterparts in Ghana to help arrest him. That was when our reporter was contacted to help arrest the suspect who was in the country.

Anas (Queen Petra), was again in disguise, seated as a female member on the auditioning panel, in an elaborate black wig, high heel shoes, with artificial breasts, buttocks and face mask with detailed makeup. The face mask was produced by a movie props company in London, the United Kingdom.

He was dressed in a pink outfit laced with black flower designs. He had his red manicure, with red lipstick to match, a ruby necklace and bracelet, capped with shiny scarf. He also wore light brown slacks to match. Other members of the panel included a top television director, a member of the INTERPOL and Sheikh Ibn Abu Talib.

According to sources, Deeba returned to Ghana from United Kingdom late 2008 after living there with his fiancée. His fiancée was working on night shift, the reason why he moved in later to stay with the family.

There is also the issue of multiple identities on the part of the accused, who used several names amongst others such as: Richard Nimoh, Deeba Kofi Akyampong, Richard Nimoh Deeba and Deeba Kofi, same was the case with his dates of birth which varied between 1977 and 1979

The possible line of action is that INTERPOL Ghana would most likely extradite him to face the necessary charges in the UK.

Stay tuned as we follow his extradition and trial in the UK.