Entertainment of Saturday, 5 January 2013

Source: enewsgh

BukBak: Most Talent Shows are a waste!

Hiplife group BukBak have waded into the ongoing debate on the sustainability and onward progression of products who come out of reality television shows in Ghana. The subject of what becomes of these products; particularly the front runners or winners have been a waterloo subject for producers of such shows.

The group, obviously not pleased with how most of these acts are transitioned from wannabes to mainstream professional acts, say most of the Talent Shows on music on television, are nothing but a waste.

In series of tweets posted on the micro blogging site Twitter, the group posited that: “Talent shows churn (sic) out people who can sing other peoples songs well. They finish the show and can’t sing to save their lives”.

“U (you) see talent on TV singing their heart out on TV. And u (you) can bet their career is ending the moment the show ends a month later. Waste!!!!” “U (you) see a talent who finished a talent show 8 years ago still scavenging for a hit. How,” they asked.

The group also took a swipe at how most of these shows don’t “get talent managers to handle these talents they promote months on their platforms”. “Wasting talents,” they added.

Most Talent Shows the group suggested “need content they can market to make $$$ (referring to dollars, which equates to money). “You get the fame and what do u (you) do with it,” they wondered.

“It takes more $$$ to get that fame u (you) get when u (you) get into da (the) finals of a talent show. U (you) come home and relax tinkin (thinking) u are a star?

“People want to associate to people who speak into their lives. The talent Show ppl (people) give u (you) a preview of a success. Live up to expectation”.

They however praised local television network TV3 and events production outfit CharterHouse for coming up with the Mentor and Stars of the Future shows respectively, adding that the latter for instance, has brought out some “super talents”.

The views expressed by BukBak should somewhat set the tone for a debate on how to usher music reality stars onto mainstream success.