Entertainment of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Doreen Avio-Hitz FM

Rama Brew calls for attitudinal change to improve Ghanaian movie industry

Veteran actress Rama Brew has advised actors and practitioners in the movie industry to take their jobs seriously to improve the standards and quality of movies being produced.

Speaking in an interview on Showbiz Today on Hitz FM hosted by Bola Ray, Rama noted that for the industry to grow to the fullest, a lot of improvements must be made to the current state of the industry.

According to her, while young actors are trying hard to fit into the industry, they need to put an end to their negative and rude attitudes to be able to progress.

“Everyone is walking around with their nose in the air and doesn’t want to take any kind of criticism because they think they know it all,” she said.

She said “they [actors] should get more into the characters they play and better scripts should be written in regards to what happens in everybody’s life or everyday life instead of glamorizing things all the time.”

The Home Sweet Home actress noted that most of the movies in Ghana do not relate to what people are actually going through every day.

She advised that the censorship board must regulate the kind of movies that comes on the market.

She said “The Censorship board is not really regulating what is being put on air, even what they show on TV coming from outside because there is explicit bad language and sex and back in the day the censorship was very strict about what was being portrayed on the television, and you can’t expect children not to copy what they see.”