Entertainment of Friday, 6 July 2012

Source: worldghana

Majid Michel’s website hacked

According to ZebraChild / Erawoc Brothers Group, handlers of actor Majid Michel’s official website, the website has been hacked on a grand scale, forcing them to put it offline for a while.

“We didn’t know Majid will have so many haters as his career leaps – there are people who are specifically sabotaging and undermining his website. In the end, we are shutting it down and revamping due to too many hackers and pirates putting viruses on it. We should uphold our shinning stars and celebrate them; not try to destroy what is being done,” comment Sputnic and Reggie of ZebraChild / Erawoc Brothers Group.

The duo, who are also the brothers of the actor, added that nothing will stop the from making a change and taking their brother to the top.**