Music of Friday, 1 June 2012

Source: NewsOne

Okyeame Kwame To Drop New Video & Website

On Wednesday June 6 at Reggie Rockstone’s Office in Accra, Ghana’s ‘Rap Doctor’ Okyeame Kwame will outdoor his official website and video of the first single of his upcoming album, ‘The Versatile Show’.

The event would include live music performances and Okyeame Kwame would be joined by other performers including but not limited to Kesse, Efya, Caroline and Irene Logan.

Okyeame Kwame has so far completed the video shoot for two tracks on ‘The Versatile Show’ album, ‘Sika’ and ‘Mr. Versatile’, but NEWS-ONE is not yet certain about which of the two he would be launching on 6th June.

“I featured Irene Logan on the ‘Mr. Versatile’ track and she is in the video as well.

The song is a unique one that has 8 different genres all blended and organized to create harmony.

It starts with hip-hop, moves to pop, then to Adowa, then Kete, then hip-life, then back to hip-hop, then raga, then soul and then ends with a happy song.

“The idea is to bring together different cultures, generations, times, ideas, styles and fuse them together in a single song.

I cannot see a louder way of promoting harmony and tolerance among humans than this song,” Okyeame noted.

On the other hand, ‘Sika’ is a song with a slow tempo but danceable rhythm that talks about how the love of money has resulted in countless societal ills including broken homes, robbery, enmity and hatred.

Kesse put up a very impressive performance that nearly outmatched Okyeame Kwame’s.

The website, would have both songs and also give detailed explanation on how to purchase the songs online without having to fall on pirates for inferior copies.**