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Up Close And Personal With D-Black….He Speaks About Vera+Dee Money+ Upcoming Movie+ His late father’s wish and more……. A Must Read!

He is arguably the best HipHop act ever to come out of Ghana.Desmond Blackmore,known in showbiz circles as D-black has risen from a humble beginning to become the most sought after HipHop star in GH.OMG!Ghana caught up with D-black in a short but stuffy interview……So you think you know the Ghana Bwoy? I bet you don’t……..Read this!

OMG: What was your childhood dream?

D-Black: My Childhood dream was to be in the entertainment industry.I loved to promote and market.I wanted to put my country on the map via music and T.V.Whether it was me behind the scenes or in the forefront.I started off as an event promoter and artist manager from the age of 19.

OMG: Which Artiste did you manage?

D-Black : Reggie Rockstone was my first, Denise from Vodafone Icons…etc.

OMG: So Black tell me,What inspires you most….Music wise!

D-Black : On my first album I hardly wrote, I was experimenting…..But now it’s the production, the beats inspire me the most to write…My life growing up was full of ups and downs so I like to make happy music most of the time but sometimes when a producer hits me with an emotional joint, I’d tell you stories about my life.

OMG : What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in life so far?

D-Black: There are a lot, stemming from being the first Ghanaian rapper to be nominated at the BET awards, being the first English rapper to win the HipHop song of the year award at the GMA’s….However it’s just being able to get to this point of my life….Making Music for 3 years successfully by God’s grace and being able to inspire the youth and upcoming acts is enough to put a smile on my facebook anyday.

OMG: Interesting! Did any Vera offend you in real life?

D-Black:..Hahahahaha….Vera might just be a true story.(Laughing)

OMG: Which Artist would you like to work with on any day? Both in GH and Beyond……And Why?

D-Black: Well, So far in Ghana I’ve worked with all my favourites, However my late father wanted me to cut a record with Amakye Dede….By God’s grace we’ll make it happen….Outside of Ghana, Kanye West just because he’s a genius. Adele’e voice is just superb. I’d love to work with her also.

OMG: Wow! Back to Vera, tell me more about Vera….You never know ,It might inspire a soul

D-Black: Hahahahaha……Doesn’t the music Tell it all?

OMG: Meaning someone actually did you wrong…..Was it before or after your stardom?

D-Black: Before (smiling)

OMG: Ok, What’s the future with you and Dee Money…..Do you think you will work with him again?

D-Black: I don’t think so, the whole team made a decision and that’s the end of the Black Avenue Muzik relationship with him.

OMG: Most often we see musicians doing music and vice versa….do you see yourself in any movie soon?

D-Black: My label is going into producing movies and music videos this year so maybe i just might……Just maybe!

OMG: What do you make of the music industry? Are we growing? Where do you see us in say 2020

D-Black: Yes the industry is growing, I can confidently say that. However we are still waiting on MUSIGA to get the ball rolling with our royalty collection system and much more. I have an unexplainable love for not only music but the business also…..

OMG: Ok! Now let’s get a bit personal…What do you do when you are not in the Studio recording?

D-Black: Performing Somewhere in the world or spending time with my family, friends and my team…..I’m a Workaholic so I’m hardly not in the office.

OMG: What’s Desmond’s favourite meal?

D-Black: Fufu and Palm nut soup.

OMG: (Laughing) Are you a devout Christian?…..Where do you fellowship?

D-Black: Yes! Ashbury Dunwell…..

OMG: Any message for upcoming HipHop acts?

D-Black: Prayer, Hardwork, Dedication , PHD is my key,I t could be yours too.

OMG: Inspiring! D-Black, have you heard about Omgghana?

D-Black: You guys are the bomb! Very impressive work in such a short time….I’ve been following and watching you guys progress!

OMG: Thanks Man…We promote good materials so welcome to the big OMG!Ghana family…Thanks for your time and patience too….Shoutouts to Vera!

D-Black: Hahaa….Big ups G!**