Entertainment of Monday, 21 May 2012

Source: Ameyaw Debrah

UK model, Nana Afua Antwi to launch foundation for single mothers

UK-based Ghanaian model and Ambassador for Models of Colour UK, Nana Afua Antwi has established the Akosua Odei Foundation, aimed for young single women/ mothers living harsh lives in rural Ghana and Africa. She named the project as a special tribute to her Mother Akosua Odei who passed away December 7, 1994. She was a Single Mother.
The Charity project was inspired by a documentary footage on BBC News of 15 Young Women who lost their lives working on a local mining Dompoase Town in Western Ghana when it collapsed. Due to lack of manufacturer equipments their bodies were still trapped in the mines. This incident happened in November 2009. On the other hand they are similar reported issues of Young Women/Mothers who are struggling everyday to make a living with lack of support from their local government.
The main focus on the organization is to raise awareness and to work in partnership with major charitable organization for women to raise funds to help these women become self dependent to empower their skills to earn a good living. The Project has target an area in Ghana which most of the charity contributions will be provided. Research shows these women have skills in business apprenticeship such as sewing, making hair, artifacts, cookery, etc. Funds raised by the organization will be use to set up a centre for employment for these women with 30% of our funding goes into their children’s education and well fair. Presently the focus of this project is kicking off in Ghana and in the future hope to expand in other African countries. The aim is to progress in partnership with governmental aid organization to achieve our mission.
The Akosua Odei Foundation will have its press launch on May 26 at Hotel Russel in West London . The event would be in partnership with Fashion Mist to raise Money for charitable organization in Ghana to contribute towards the mission.