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Music of Friday, 15 October 2004


Hammer To Hypnotize The World With Compilation Album

Hammer He?s the man Obrafour, Tinny, Dogo, Okra and Kwaw Kese and other foot soldiers call when they need someone to take their albums over the top. He?s the sound engineer whose style has been imitated by scores of engineers. He?s the underground legend sound engineer/producer ready to revolutionize the hiplife game with his ?Hypnotics (Sounds Of Our Time)? compilation album.

That?s right, Hammer is coming back onto the music scene with his own album after years of making hits for artistes and after working on the Execution Diary, the Hush Hush based sound engineer/producer is about to release his most important album ? the highly anticipated ?Hypnotics (Sounds Of Our Time)?.

Indisputably, Hammer has displayed unblemished support and dedication and has helped to change the lives of hiplife and hiplifers, both at the local and international level. He is one of the few engineers who has handled Deeba, Obrafour, Tinny, Dogo, Okra, Kwaw Kese and many more.

Long-time Hammer fans, who have been following the bass beat sound engineer/producer would be thrilled that several songs of ?Sounds Of Our Time? builds directly about him. ?It represents me,? Hammer of Last Two said. ?I want to carry on that vibe and represent what am known for doing best ? grooming fresh young artistes and also want to put down some foot soldiers (hiplife rappers) onto the hiplife scene?, he said.

Everyone has known Hammer for grooming upcoming artistes, so he?s graduating the fresh artistes who have been in the Last Two camp for the year 2004/2005. He?s already started grooming the new artistes for his 2005 compilation album.

The foot soldiers on this album who are graduating are Motia, Kwaw Kese, Boli ft Back Sone, Trigger, Abgeko ft Palsy, Okra, Nana Kofi, Obrafour, Obodai and Last Page. I had the chance of listening to snippets of Okra, Kwaw Kese, Motia, Okra and Motia, Abgeko, Last Page (the female group) and Boli and I bet this album will go places.

This album has got very good interludes by Nii Mantse, Prime Eye of Radio Gold and friends. This album is meant to hypnotize fans of Hammer. The album has got twelve solid and hot songs on cassette and CD. The album is all about Hammer or let me say they rap about Hammer.

One of the most influential and mimicked hiplifers in the game, Obrafour also has a track on the album which is a peace song for the upcoming elections in December.

?Musically, I want to show that I?m still out here doing my thing. And I?ve stopped making beats for outside rappers unless you are family or part of the Last 2 crew?, Hammer proclaims.

Popularly known in hiplife circles as the ?Last Man Standing? because of his other colleague who had to travel out side the country, he's holding the Last 2 camp now.

Asking Hammer about the difference of this album from others, ?this is the real hiplife?. For this album I had the chance of doing what I wanted. And because it is my own album I had enough time to choose the artistes, beats and other things that will make the album a classic one so that one day when am not around, the new hiplife generation will take a CD or listen to my compilation and say this was sounds of our time (my time)", Hammer added

On the real, Hammer is one of the most important figures in hiplife history. Before other sound engineers rode to fame Hammer had already made it on top. Expect Hammer coming thru this month with the compilation soon. For more information about the upcoming album from the Last 2 camp call Hammer on 233 24 451 9130.