Movies of Thursday, 27 May 2010

Source: Hi Newspaper

'Hot Fork' Actresses Apologize

When Movie Africa placed the trailer of its latest controversial flick “Hot Fork” on the internet, it attracted tones of criticisms from people who had problems with its “over elaborated” nude scenes.

The Producer/Director of the movie, Socrates Sarfo and the two lead actresses in the movie, Baby Blanche and Marian Addo were everywhere- on radio and TV, trying to defend what looked like the indefensible.

After the movie was released last Monday, people who got copies were “disappointed” that after all the hype; it had an averagely good storyline but very little 'intense' sex scenes as advertised in the trailer.

“We never told people we were promoting a porn movie, we only said, we were ready to go to any extend to tell a story. We are sorry if we sounded different to people”. Baby Blanche, told Hi Newspaper, on Monday, when asked to comment on the seemingly deceptive marketing strategy employed in the trailer and the impressions expressed in their interviews after the huge public criticisms of their roles in that trailer.

She added that, “The press was trying to portray us as devils so we had to defend ourselves; we are not porn stars to start with. That was just what we were trying to tell people.”

“I am elated to have been vindicated when the movie was released” Marian Addo added. The married woman said both her husband and her family were happy with what they saw in the movie. She insisted her husband understands her job so didn't have a problem with what she does. When asked if she didn't think her husband might be doing something worse in real life which might be the reason he didn't care about what she did, her reply was, “My husband was f**king someone else before I met him so I don't see anything wrong with him doing that now, after all, I am the one with the ring, all the rest would come and go. Moreover, I trust my husband.”

“Hot Fork” is the story of a young man who was the target of death till he finally gave up the ghost. His girlfriend was held as the prime suspect and put in cell while investigations were on going. The suspense-filled flick had a lot of interesting turns and twists.

However, one is quick to notice a few low points of the movie especially in the areas of editing and continuity. When Mr. Safo's attention was drawn to that, he only said, “We know there are thousand and one mistakes in this movie so we can only say; we would do better next time.”