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Movies of Friday, 24 June 2011

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Yvonne Nelson Finally Apologizes To Film Regulatory Council

Sexy Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson, who was banned from acting in Ghana and Nigeria last year October for misconducting herself on set, whiles shooting “4play Reloaded”, has finally subdued herself and rendered an official apology to producer Abdul Sallam Mumuni of Venus Films Productions and the Film Regulatory Council.

After about 9 months of redundancy and absent from the silver screen, the actress has finally decided to swallow her pride and reconcile with the producer who brought her into the movie industry. In a letter dated 14th June 2011, addressed to the President of the Film Regulatory Council, Yvonne expressed sincere regret for her actions and apologized to producer Alhaji Abdul Sallam Mumuni, members and executives of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and the entire film community in Ghana. “I render an unqualified apology for any embarrassment that my conduct might have caused anybody. I promise such a behavior will not repeat itself again”, Yvonne’s letter stated.

In the initial stages when the issue of banning the actress came up, she quietly went to Abdul Sallam’s private residence to apologize but Abdul Sallam refused to accept her apology and asked her to organize a press conference or render a public apology on radio, TV or any other public platform before he will accept her apology but the tall actress refused.

Yvonne went to Akosombo where stakeholders in the movie industry met on the issue on Wednesday, November 24, 2010, days after news of her ban came into the media, with actor Majid Michel, Fred Nuamah, her manager among others to apologize on her behalf but that apology could not hold because Yvonne herself refused to apologize at that time.

It will be recalled that broke the news last year that Yvonne has been bannned for one year because she went ‘mad’ on set and hurled invectives at virtually everybody including Abdul Salam, production manager Roger Quartey, some members of the cast and crew, because she was supposed to shoot a scene with Jackie Appiah, but Jackie had absented herself by seeking permission to attend a social event.

Jackie was billed to appear as a guest judge at Miss Malaika 2010 finals which was live on TV. Yvonne therefore refused to shoot the scene alone and even when Jackie was ready, she was still adamant.

Even though Yvonne had taken full payment for the role, she refused to shoot the rest of the scenes. This left Abdul Sallam no choice than to release the movie without Yvonne in that particular scene hence her ban but it is obvious now that the “Heart of Men” actress has regretted her actions.

Meanwhile, the Film Regulatory Council (FRC), Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Film Marketers, Distributors, Retailers and other stakeholders in the movie industry have confirmed that they have received Yvonne’s letter but they are yet to respond as to whether they will or will not accept her apology.

In an interview with Socrate Safo spokesperson for the FRC and FIPAG, he told that they received the letter yesterday Thursday June 23, 2011 and they are yet to meet and decide on what they are going to do. “We have not met yet so I can’t tell now if she will be forgiven or not. We have to convey a meeting with everybody involved to take a decision”. Asked when their next meeting will come off, Socrate said he can’t tell now because they had their last meeting few days ago, before they received the letter.

Yvonne went on several fun trips to Nigeria, Europe, and America among other places to while away time until her ban is over. She did several things including her Glaucoma awareness project and also went into importation of wigs but it appears the actress is tired of travelling and she wants to come back to big screen.

Actors, Kofi Adjorlolo and Ekow Smith Asante also suffered a 24 months ban from acting for different issues but the FRC lifted their ban on Saturday May 28, 2011 after they apologized and promised not to repeat their actions.

Yvonne's Letter............




I write to express my sincerest apology to Alhaji Abdul Salam Mumuni, members and executives of FIPAG and the entire film community for the misunderstanding that occurred between me and Alhaji Salam Mumuni during shooting in October last year.

I render an unqualified apology for any embarrassment that my conduct might have caused anybody. I promise such a behavior will not repeat itself again.I hope my apology will be considered.

Yours faithfully, …………………………. YVONNE NELSON