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Tabloid News of Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Your history is disgusting – Kennedy Agyapong pokes baby mama

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, MP, Assin Central Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, MP, Assin Central

Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong has questioned the motherly status of his baby mama Moira Dawson-Williams in the midst of the brouhaha about their daughter Anell Agyapong.

The legislator has for the past few weeks been making some claims against his daughter in the media - a move which appears to have been in bad taste for the mother.

He mentioned in an interview that his daughter, Anell, had become a drug addict and a prostitute. Not only that. He also stated that he wasted money on his daughter because she refused to continue with her education, having made him pay her tuition fee.

“…What hurts me about this whole thing is that during that semester, I had already paid $42,000 within three weeks into the semester. She said she won’t continue the schooling. When her Chinese roommate went to check on her, she told me my daughter had sniffed several hounds of cocaine. She’s with the whites who sleep with her because of her addiction,” Kennedy Agyapong said.

Ms. Dawson-Williams who was unimpressed with the Assin Central lawmaker’s outburst denied some accusations that were levelled against her daughter.

She threatened to curse Kennedy Agyapong and his generation and also expose him for disgracing her daughter.

“I just want you to go back to your cubicle at Oman FM, and use that your same tongue and eat back your words else I will come back online and curse your children... exact words you used, I’ll use it for your children... I know about at least one of your daughters who live in your house at New Jersey and sniffs that white substance,” she said.

After Anell in a Facebook post on Sunday begged her father for forgiveness, Ms. Dawson-Williams reportedly sent a message to Atinka TV, Monday morning, when Kennedy Agyapong was being interviewed.

According to the host of the morning show, the message read: “Dear Ken, please accept my apology as I feel embarrassed about my reaction to your utterance about our daughter. I know my behaviour was deprived of decorum and I’m sorry. I feel awful and admit that irrespective of whatever my reasons were, I could have done better. Unfortunately, I cannot alter what I did. But I can assure you that it will never happen again. Accept my apology.”

Mr. Agyapong however said he will not be swayed. He questioned the motive behind Dawson-Williams’s Facebook live video when he never mentioned her name during the earlier interview. He stated that he addressed the deviance of his daughter and that did not in any way warrant the remarks Dawson-Williams uttered.

“I never said anything against the mother. I mentioned my child and I have the right to say whatever she has done. Do you know her apology casts a slur on the mother? If you check the insults the woman has rained on me on social media, the calls I’ve received and the fact that my daughter is now asking for forgiveness, what then becomes of the mother’s defense?” a puzzled Agyapong said.

“I can give you her history. It’s so disgusting,” he continued. “I have been told she says she taught her daughter how to use drugs when she turned 21. What kind of a mother are you? She [referring to his baby mama] wasn’t like that when I met her. I don’t know if she was taught how to do drugs by that Nigerian she went to Ohio with.”

“I haven’t told anyone about your history. I was talking to my daughter. So if you hurl insults at me and later say you apologise… Or today, she didn’t sniff cocaine?”

I’d rather spend my money on prostitutes than pay your tuition fee – Kennedy Agyapong replies daughter

On his daughter’s apology, the lawmaker said he has forgiven on so many occasions. He suspected that it is rather a bait and will not fall for it.

“I don’t understand what forgiveness means. What is forgiveness? Let people learn from their mistakes. If she has realized how the world, she has a life to live. What else? If it’s about me paying the tuition fee, I won’t. I’d rather use the money on a prostitute who has HIV/AIDS and contract the disease than pay her tuition fee. Because before I die of AIDS, I’d have satisfaction,” he said without equivocation.

He further mentioned that Anell’s mother did her no good when she attacked him in the Facebook live video.

He said: “The mother didn’t help matters. Normally when a father is angry, a mother should be intervening. The mother has stayed in America before and knows the value of $84,000. How many people have $84,000 in their accounts? I have paid $84,000 as a tuition fee for 3 years… So if today she claims she is remorseful, she should go and work.”

According to him, her ability or inability to save such a huge amount of money will make her appreciate him.