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Movies of Monday, 6 June 2011

Source: News-One

Young actor says kissing Joselyn Dumas was boring

One may think that an opportunity to kiss beautiful actress cum presenter Joselyn Dumas, in a movie, is certainly a thing every young man will describe as a joyful experience.

However, new Ghanaian actor Fred Kanebi, who is starring alongside Joselyn in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s directed ‘Adams Apples, tells News-One that kissing the ‘bottom power’ actress was boring and annoying. His reason is because they over-kissed in the series.

Fred played Gerald, who was planted by girlfriend, Ivy (Helen Asante) to diabolically spell the demise of her boss and fiercely independent and strong-willed Jennifer, played by Joselyn. But in carrying out the ploy, Gerald stepped beyond his limits and fell in love with Jennifer. The two, in some of their lovemaking scenes, put up some kissing thrills.But Fred said those kisses were not exciting to him as ordinary viewers would think. “Well because you get to do over and over again, I am telling you it gets boring and annoying. It is not as exciting as people think. Sometimes you see the finished work and people think it is just one time.

We do it over and over again and thy (director) tell you, you didn’t do it right, so do it again and it gets boring and I go like can we just go over this, lol,” he said in a short interview after the premiere of ‘Adams Apples’ chapter 2 at the National Theatre last Friday.

Fred said acting with Joselyn was not too challenging because he acted professionally. “When I came into the industry, one thing I had in mind was to act professionally in everything I do. Yes, she is attractive to many people. Like you said, most men will like to have a deal with her but when it comes to being on set and delivery, I think it is about the focus on the job and doing the job. I had put everything aside as a man. I let my hormones rest and gave my best. I put everything aside,” he added.

The young chap is a postgraduate student of the University of Ghana. ‘Adams Apples’ is his first big movie. Prior to that, he worked with director Pascal Amanfo in the movie, ‘Trinity’, where he played a minor role as a reporter.

Four years ago, he used to do stage acting at the University Of Ghana School Of Performing Arts. From there, he stated going for auditions. Two years later, he came into contact with Shirley Frimpng Manso and a couple of months after, he had call from her for the audition of ‘Adams Apples’. Fortunately, he got the part. “I was really euphoric but at the same time, there was this part of me that felt that…there is pressure, considering…I have seen Shirley’s previous movies and I believe…when I went for the audition, I know she was a very solid person woman. All I have to do is get my game on, knowing that I want to do my best on her set. And I think that what I have been trying to do,” he stated.

Last Friday’s premiere attracted a number of the cast but a few were missing. The chapter was screened twice. The first did not attract many people as expected but the second screening had a considerable number of people.