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Entertainment of Thursday, 22 November 2018


Young Rich releases official dance video for ‘Di Me Ruff’

S.A.N.J Dance Crew performing the 'Di Me Ruff' dance play videoS.A.N.J Dance Crew performing the 'Di Me Ruff' dance

Young Rich’s song ‘Di Me Ruff’ has engendered controversy with a section of the public arguing that the title is sensual and indeed that is exactly what the rapper wants to communicate while others have lauded him for his level of creativity.

Per the concept of the groovy song, ‘Di Me Ruff’ when translated is ‘make mockery of me’ but some have read sexual connotations to the song as they assert Young Rich actually meant to say ‘bonk me real hard’.

“Children of nowadays have no respect for the elderly. You are mocking me? Why would you mock me? Keep making mockery of me,” he sang.

In the second verse, however, Young Rich switches to how ready he is to ride a lady who intentionally wears provocative dresses, should they agree to have sex.

The controversy got heated after video clips of some ladies gyrating to the song surfaced online.

As music enthusiasts await the official music video, the artiste has released an official dance video which stars only ladies.