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Entertainment of Friday, 25 January 2019


YouTube takes down Tiwa Savage’s video after Danny Young’s copyright claim

Tiwa Savage Tiwa Savage

The official music video of Tiwa Savage’s, ‘One’ uploaded on YouTube has been taken down by the video-sharing website following a copyright claim by Danny Young.

Conversation over whether or not Danny Young had a case began late last year after the singer accused Tiwa Savage of using contents of his 2009 song, ‘Oju Tiwon’ in her ‘One’ song without his consent.

Danny Young claimed a line in his song, “O d’odun lan ri orogbo, o do’dun lan ri ahusa, o d’dodun lan ri omo obi lori igba” – which when translated means “cash crops such as kola and walnuts are valuable every year,” was used by Tiwa Savage and since she did not bother to seek permission, it was a case of intellectual theft.

Barely months after the accusation, Tiwa Savage’s video, is unavailable on YouTube.

“This is not a social media battle, it is just about doing the right thing,” Danny Young told NET while confirming he made the claim.

“When I heard her song last year, my lawyers reached out to her lawyers but they ignored us. They thought it was just one small boy talking. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Tiwa Savage and I respect her craft as well, but you see, two brothers can have a case in court and still have a good relationship with each other.”

When Danny Young raised the issue last year, a section of the public argued that his claims were false. The basis of their argument was that the said line was a proverb hence, no one owns the right to it.

In response, Danny Young says the argument is flawed.

He says: “It is not about the song being from a proverb, the media got it all wrong by saying it was Sunny Ade who sang it first, but the truth is Sunny Ade only used a few lines from the proverb while Tiwa’s verse was a replica of mine, as well as the extra rhythm and lyrics that I added.”