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Music of Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Wolf - I Have A Whole Lot To Offer

The style of presentation on radio and TV is evolving as new and young talents are introduced on the airwaves and on screens as new youthful and entertainment programs springs up. Creativity, style, charm, charisma and the ability to hold your viewers and audiences to keep looking out for nothing but the best is a trait many have failed to exhibit.

One young such presenter who is gradually carving a niche for himself and portrays most of the traits listed above is Wolfhard Anim popular called Wolf. Asked why he use such a name he explains that; ?whiles I was growing up many were those who found it hard to pronounce my first name hence the decision to shorten it to a more familiar name ? Wolf?.

Having hidden is baritone voice behind the microphones of Choice Fm and Vibe Fm for quite sometime now, Wolf stepped out to grab the opportunity thrown at him by Ignis the man behind the number TV program ? 4syte TV.

Explaining how he got the job, Wolf said he had a call from Ignis and they talked about the idea and the next day he was on set.

Wolf wearing his familiar baby face disclosed to the Weekly Fylla that he doesn?t imitate anyone in terms of style and the nature of his voice but everything comes to him naturally.

A product of St Augustines College Wolf has steadily risen through the ranks and he believes he still has some catching up to do and he believes with the help and support of friends and his working colleagues he will get to the very top sooner than later.

Wolf, who has a German ancestry, sees his diversion onto our TV screens as a step in the right direction and he has no regrets whatsoever. Since the later part of 2006 Wolf together with once beauty queen, Nana Akua, the two hosts 4Syte TV and their unique style of presentation is taking the program to another level.

Wolf describes 4Syte as a program with a class. ?Our unique style of editing and wider spectrum in terms of the various aspects of entertainment programs we cover makes 4Syte a never to be missed program on TV3?.

Since he stepped into the radio business about three years ago, Wolf has anchored and produced almost every single program depending on the station he finds himself. As young as he is and look, Wolf migrated from Choice Fm to Vibe Fm where he describes as ?a place with innovation and liberty to do what makes you unique and exceptional?. He describes his movement from Choice to Vibe as based on personal decisions.

Wolf has had a lot of training in the classroom yet he is still going for more. After completing St Augustines College, he went to study German at the Goethe Institut before heading to IPS were he is almost through with his course. He is also planning on attending GIJ and then gain his first degree and masters in probably Communication Studies at the University Of Ghana, Legon.

To the youth out there, Wolf advices you to be yourself, pursue your dreams for nothing is impossible under the sun. To his fellow presenters and media men as a whole in the country he urges us all to put behind us our petty quarrels and forge ahead because there is a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. To his fans he has this for them; ?keep watching 4Syte TV for the best is yet to come and for any radio adventure just join my team and I on the frequency 91.9 fm and keep enjoying what the soul of the capital has to offer?.