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Why Rex Omar has refused to step foot in church in more than 20 years

Rex Omar, Musician Rex Omar, Musician

Ghanaian music great, Rex Omar, has claimed that going to Church takes away a Christian's direct relationship with God, hence his decision not to attend any Church service in the past 20 years, ABC News Ghana can report.

Rex Omar believes that his body is the temple of the Lord, a claim he believes signifies an already established relationship between himself and the creator.

A lot of Christians, he intimated in an interview with The Delay Show and monitored by ABC News Ghana, go to Church because they see it as the norm but fail to take their time to understand the God they claim to be worshipping.

This, the celebrated Ghanaian musician, who hasn’t been to church in over two decades, believes, makes some Christians hypocrites as they profess to serve God on one hand yet develop bad behaviour outside of the Church walls.

“My body is the temple of the Lord, that is where He resides so I have direct relationship with God and that is enough for me” Rex Omar said in last Sunday’s interview on The Delay Show monitored by ABC News Ghana.

In his case, Rex Omar stressed that, “if I had continued going to Church it would have made me more of a hypocrite and sinner. When you go to church, you will see some people showing reverence to God but later you see them after Church Service and you think to yourself that it is worth doing same. It takes away your direct relationship with God.”

“A lot of people go to Church and they are worshipping a God they do not know. Right now, it is not even about worshipping God but about going after prophetic manifestations and what ‘Men of God’ say without taking time to read the bible” he said to the host Deloris Frimpong-Manso as he justified his stance.

He questioned the rationale behind the Church’s decision to omit some books from the Bible arguing that Church doctrines make people “narrow minded”.

He insisted that he has trained himself to be open-minded and point out likely flaws in Church doctrines and christian ways of living.

The outspoken musician indicated that even though he has his position on Christianity, he doesn’t impose it on his family or friends but allows them practice what they understand and think is best for them.

In his opinion, he has brought up his children well enough to decipher right from wrong and the need to be open-minded. He says should any of his children still go astray despite the training he has given them, he has no option than to watch them suffer the consequences.

“I trained my children to be open-minded. My house there is democracy, you decide what you want to do. Everybody needs to be allowed to discover themselves and build a relationship with his creator. It gives him the confidence to express himself. When I married my wife she was attending (Christ) Apostolic, later she decided to go to Jehovah Witness. You can go, don’t push me because I won’t push you,” he detailed.

For the children, he made known that “some go to Jehovah Witness, others are like me.”

Rex Omar says he will soon release a new album as he celebrates 35 years of making good music.