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Television of Monday, 20 June 2011

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Vina gets a break from nomination as everyone else goes up for eviction

Nigeria’s Vina broke her back-to-back experience with nominations in the Heads House this week when she saved herself from eviction as Head of House. She almost automatically replaced herself with Felicia, the only Headmate who was not nominated this week. The serial nominee’s decision will remain an open secret to her mates until she confirms it on Sunday.

This means that Zeus, Hanni, Vimbai, Wendall, Lomwe, Millicent, Felicia and Sharon O are all up for eviction this week. From excessive drinking, to being rude, lazy, having personal vendettas and flirting for votes, the Headsmates came out with guns blazing during their nomination sessions earlier in the day.

Vimbai did not bat an eyelid when she put Millicent on the chopping block for her excessive drinking of late. Vimbai noted how Milli needs to stop using alcohol as her outlet and should learn to express herself when sober. Vina pulled the trigger at Zeus for being rude during the worm pizza eating Task. She also called out Wendall for hiding her stuff, calling it ‘theft’ and did not hesitate to out him. Zeus returned the favour by Nominating Vina for her negativity and not playing for the team.”Her spirit is not where it should be,” he said.

He also Nominated Vina’s BFF Hanni and called the two the ‘Siesta Sistas’ for their pre-disposition to take naps in the afternoon when everyone else is busy. Lomwe shared his strong feelings about lazy Sharon and Hanni. It is safe to say the LoHann connection will not be revived anytime soon. Wendall came down hard on Sharon O for trying to flirt with the boys to ensure that no one nominates her. It is clear that after eight weeks in the game, the Headsmates are getting irritated with one another and are not afraid to say it.

So, Felicia nominated Hanni and Wendall, Wendall Nominated Sharon and Vina, Sharon Nominated Zeus and Vimbai, Zeus Nominated Vina and Hanni, Millicent Nominated Vimbai and Lomwe, Hanni Nominated Zeus and Millicent, Vina Nominated Zeus and Wendall, Vimbai Nominated Millicent and Lomwe, while Lomwe Nominated Hanni and Sharon.