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Unmarried women have nothing better to offer on earth - Counsellor Lutterodt

Counsellor George Lutterodt play videoCounsellor George Lutterodt

It seems the rounds of the weapons in his arsenal are nowhere near burn out as controversial marriage counsellor and pastor, Reverend George Lutterodt has yet again hit hard at ladies on Valentine’s Day but this time with his smoking gun directed at unmarried women.

According George Lutterodt, women were created to play pivotal roles in the lives of their husbands per Biblical teachings therefore the narrative is rendered inaccurate when women act contrary to what is stipulated religiously and culturally.

“A woman’s position is the home remember that the homemaker is the woman and the house maker is the man. God created everything male and female, animal male and female, never thought of creating a man male and female until when a man came to name the things he desired in his loneliness in the midst of the Lord and the Lord put a deep sleep on man and out of a man God created a woman as a help mate,” Counsellor George Lutterodt expressed.

“So women were after thought, women were second thought of God because he wanted man to be placed probably, so the Bible says if you find a wife you now find a good thing and you now obtain favour from the Lord which means if a man is walking without a wife he is a useless as a spoilt vegetable in the dustbin.

The outspoken counsellor whose popularity rides on controversial, thought-provoking, traditional and cultural views chided women who intend to stay single or break up to rescind on their decision, stating that they have nothing better to offer on earth if they toll that line.

He averred that such conscience if harbored has tendencies of “destroying the nation”.

“A woman who makes a decision not to marry and would not find a man to marry which means some man somewhere is suffering. Ladies and gentlemen, women should not play in the gallery and believe that when they are not married or when they are not practicing marriage properly they have anything better to offer on earth.”

“I hear people say what men can do women can do and equally do better, demonic mentality! When the devil wants to destroy the nation he brings mentality of such nature. This is a demonic thought and we will flash it out of the minds and heads of the young girls coming for them to see the importance and the value of marriage because children must be raised in a well settled home not an unbalanced home,” he said.

The Counsellor wading in on the narratives paraded by feminist group, Pepper Dem Ministries also said that their motion to promote women empowerment through the substitution of their roles with that of men should not be heeded to in any case as their agenda brings shame and disgrace to their womanhood.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Pepper Dem Ministries, we apologise on their behalf..” He stressed.