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Entertainment of Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Togolese pastor gifts Ghanaian hotel staff car, GHC10,000 fuel coupon

Pastor Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia Pastor Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia

Good luck and God’s favour shined on a waitress, Rosina Sowah who is stationed at the Kumasi Golden Tulip days ago as her work as a waitress and reception received a reward she could not believe her eyes over.

The reward was for being extra kind to a client she didn’t know but made efforts to make him comfortable, at the risk of her job when her supervisor was rather rude, arrogant and insulting towards the client who was paying $150 per night to lodge there.

Her gift was a Hyundai Sonata and GH¢10,000 worth of fuel from GOIL for a year.

The philanthropist was actually popular Togolese Clergyman, Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia’h who was visiting the Ashanti Region for some official business spoke to the renowned Togolese “Man from God”, as he wants to be called about what occasioned the gift to Rosina Sowah who has since started driving lessons with her new car.

Pastor Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia’h told about how the male receptionist (supervisor) he met at Golden Tulip Kumasi on the night of his arrival allocated him to a very dirty “rat hole” without any form of sheets and with dust all over the place, which made him think the room allocation was a mistake as the room was not fit for human living, talk of a human paying 150 dollars per night to sleep.

Upon complaining about the room, the male receptionist who is reputedly notoriously for his rude attitude to clients at the Hotel refused to change the room and him to pack out if he can’t stay there, warning all others not to attempt to change the room.

The Togolese pastor who was very shocked asked to speak to the senior management of the hotel to no avail.

Rosina Sowah arriving for her shift heard of the new client’s room challenges and used her own means to get his room changed for him to the best available while apologizing for the nightmare, and later management taking action on the matter.

He said she stayed up to continuously check up on all his other needs promptly.

Meanwhile, the rude male receptionist continued to throw his weight around until he “disappeared” from the hotel. It is not clear whether he has been sanctioned or he has gone on leave.


Narrating the motivation to give the waitress a car, Pastor Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia’h said he wants to send a message to the Africans about being extra kind to all manner of people whether you know them or not, or whether they are paying guests or not.

It was revealed that When he first asked waitress Rosina Sowah what she wanted God to do for her, she said she wanted twins but the Pastor asked for something he can readily make available to her by God’s grace, she said “car”.

She got a red Hyundai Sonata.

Pastor Melchizedek Maranatha Mashia’h is the is the founder and head pastor of Lome-based CCI Temple of Holy Spirit. He intends to open a branch in Kumasi soon.