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Entertainment of Thursday, 23 July 2020


Three times KSM ‘heavily’ criticized government

Kweku Sintim Misa popularly known as play videoKweku Sintim Misa popularly known as

Mr. Kweku Sintim Misa popularly known as ‘KSM’ has been in the news for lambasting and questioning some recent government policies.

The Ghanaian comedian has on several platforms described most of government policies as ‘misplaced priorities’ adding that government does not factor in the plight of Ghanaians when deliberating on national issues.

According to KSM, the millions of cedis being channelled into some of these policies should be used for the personal development of the citizenry.

Here are some instances the TV show host/Comedian lashed out at government

KSM against construction of the National Cathedral

The on-screen personality inquired why the government wanted to spend so much money to build a cathedral. He even queried if God would come down to live in the cathedral.

He also insinuated that building such an edifice to please God was a misplaced priority since many Ghanaians were still living in filth and abject poverty.

"Just imagine Ghana, with all respects wanting to build a cathedral of how many millions of dollars? Why? Does God live in that cathedral? I would take you to places in Accra here where you would see the filth and poverty that people are living in," KSM established in an interview with Nkonkonsa.

He was against government’s decision to ease lockdown restrictions

The comedian criticized government for lifting the three-week partial lockdown in major cities over the coronavirus.

KSM feared the restrictions are being lifted too soon, while struggling shop owners and daily wage workers were already back at work as the lift took effect in March. He added, it was the wrong time to lift the restrictions, especially when the numbers are going up. He expressed these views on his popular show, ‘The KSM show’

He quizzed whether the Presidency was a retirement benefit

Mr Kweku Sintim-Misa questioned the logic of having a President who is seventy five years but expects civil servants and other people occupying top positions in organizations to retire at age sixty five. This follows reports that government had asked some Chief Executive Officers to retire because of their ages.

“So, u want me to retire @ 65 years cos I am too old to work. Yet I can run for President at 75. What is the logic? Is being President a retirement benefit?” He tweeted.

But government later debunked such reports adding that it has not written to any CEO to retire.