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Fashion of Monday, 19 October 2015


The right underwear for a tricky dress

The right underwear for a tricky dress The right underwear for a tricky dress

An underwear can either make or break your outfit, the right underwear is perfection while an irregular or wrong underwear would simply wreck havoc.

Sure enough such havoc wrecking underwear cannot stay out of sight. Now many of our clothing choices have to have a special type of underwear for that situation and in many cases we don’t know that we require special bra’s for some outfits so we end up fussing with our regular underwear.

Below are guidelines on what underwear to wear on a tricky dress;


If you don’t know any bra hacks then you need to get a trusty strapless bra that would stay in a spot all day. This bra would help you flaunt your decolletage without the need of straps.


The plunge neckline can look so fantastic if you know how to pull it off now the problem comes because its hard to find the right underwear to suit the plunge, many times these underwear’s don’t support the breast properly. The deep-cut construction bra would do wonders in a plunge and it would stay concealed.


Now when I first saw this I was amazed just like a lot of you will be. There is a one shouldered bra just like there is a one-shouldered dress or blouse. This bra would provide comfort and would support your breast appropriately.


Well this is what’s in vogue, whether the body shape-maker or waist trainer, this helps you to hide those angles that you wouldn’t want obvious when you are trying to wear a body con or flattering outfit. Also an over-sized dress tends to over enhance your features therefore, the shape-maker is not particularly for tight fitting clothes only.


There is a sheer ready set, did you know that? Well not precisely but if you have a totally sheer dress the right set is a high waist-ed panty/brief with a triangle racer-back bralette (matching). This look is sexy and it still conceals the important part.


The pinafore has a straight across neckline that means it also has a special type of bra. A soft-cup bra is the best option and its also comfortable which its really important.

Now you know what bra to use and when.