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Entertainment of Friday, 26 February 2021


The psychiatric home is not for entertainment - Whitney Boakye fires Kwaku Manu

Actor, Kwaku Manu Actor, Kwaku Manu

Entertainment pundit and event organizer, Whitney Boakye-Mensah has launched a scathing attack on actor Kwaku Manu for taking advantage of the plight of his colleague, Funny Face, to make money on Youtube.

According to Whitney Boakye, Kwaku Manu is acting under the disguise of being the peacemaker between Funny Face and his baby mama, Vanessa, to enrich himself through his monetized Youtube channel.

The Entertainment pundit who did not mince words ordered Kwaku Manu to stay away from Funny Face while they solve the issues themselves.

“I’m emphasizing it here if he hasn’t heard what the family said. I will report the video of him in a car with the baby mama with the children not strapped to a belt. He wants us to see that he is Christ to save the family, which was so wrong,” Whitney Boakye said on the show monitored by GhanaWeb.

She added, “Kwaku Manu, the family said stop and let them handle it as a family because Funny told you not to talk about him.”

Secondly, an evaluation and psychiatric home is not an entertainment home that anybody can just wake up and go there to take selfies with Funny Face.

Whitney Boakye further went ahead to warn Vanessa to stay away from the media tour which she is embarking on because it is rather worsening the situation.

On that, she said, “The next person we have to advise here again is the children’s mother. She has decided to go on a radio tour and for us in the industry its content that we want and so far as she has made herself available, everyone will like to take a piece of her not because they like you. You have a 6-month-old baby… so keep quiet for the sake of your kids.