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Fashion of Monday, 29 June 2015


The gorgeous effect of the yellow colour

yellow skirt

It’s the colour between green and orange in the spectrum, the yellow colour; the yellow dress is shining brighter than ever this season.

It is reigning supreme as the top pastel for the interestingly dressed woman.

The yellow dress is an easy way to win at summer fashion, because the thing about yellow is that everyone likes looking at it, but few people wear it.

When you walk into a room wearing yellow, it is odds-on that someone will say what a gorgeous colour it is.

Yellow has a reputation for being terrifyingly difficult to wear, but it’s not really. First, look for lemon, not yellow: the lighter, zestier shades are much easier to wear than the heavier ones.

And secondly, keep the other colours in your outfit to a minimum because, contrary to popular opinion, lemon does go with other colours, but not too many at once.