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Entertainment of Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

The MTN 4Syte VMA 2012 was Sugar Coated, BUT…

The MTN 4Syte Video Music Awards 2012 may have come and gone. Kudos to the organizers who worked their sleeves all through to make sure that our musicians went home happy. I will not stop by saying Ayeeekooo to the organizers for keeping the brand so beautiful for about four years without contempt as the case maybe at anyone.

I don’t want to move out of the compass of my pain considering the last MTN 4Syte VMA’s 2012. The winners, to me, were fine and fair if the organizers said so. But even if anyone has an issue with them, do they give a hoot? I have been ‘beaten’ over my critical analysis over issues regarding the industry, but how do we intend to grow when constructive criticisms are shoved under the carpet?

Once again, I have decided to go the conventional way of analyzing my pain with exchange views, counter views, banters, back slaps and even pseudo jabs on matters germane to the larger interest of the entertainment industry in Ghana at large. No issue is too small or too big to discuss after an event has come and gone. I will go straight and air my view.

Security must be well informed: The MTN 4Syte VMA is of high tune and thus, must attract care and be void of violence at attendees, talk more of celebrities. The gate mêlée between T-Blaze of Wosisi fame and the Security men was an eye-saw. It was just an embarrassing moment for the young man who came as a ‘somebody’ and left as a ‘nobody’, because the men at the gate were following instructions from their bosses. Whether or not he was invited to the event, once he made his way down there, he deserved the respect like any other person would have had.

Brilliant Attendance, Poor Packaging: I have come to understand that with the issue of timing in this our industry; it is only Jesus’ coming that people will be on queue to meet up with. For an event that was to start at 8:00 pm, I wasn’t surprised that it started at exactly 10:30 pm. And please don’t ask me when it ended.

The attendance was beautiful and captivating, though the production was slow and poor. Some may think otherwise but for a production house like 4syte, then I think much was expected than what was given on that night.

From the way Bola Ray over-shadowing Nana Aba Anamoah on the MC desk, to the mess of the night where Khareema Aguiar was embarrassed though not her fault, to the awarding of 2Face Idibia whose name was not on the Best African Act Video list, to Mzbel publicly and stylishly declaring her pregnancy, to the moments everyone (DJ Abrantee, Confidence, Ama K., Prince David, DKB) were using the night as an ‘advertisement platform’, to Zainab & Keitta’s stage round two of the BBA rampapa romance, to the issue of the EL wining the Most Popular Video (which Wanlov went crying foul on Twitter that Deboarah’s ‘Uncle Obama video has about 636,151 views on YouTube, whilst E.L’s ‘Kaalu’ has about 82,283 views and D-Black’s ‘Vera’ has about 377,465; more also, who is to blame?); then I can boldly say that the packaging seemed flashy and cool but poor details and the content wasn’t on point.

Show the media some RESPECT: The Ghana entertainment industry is a growing rapidly, a cliché worth repeating. No doubt thanks to the media men and women in the Creative Arts sector of the industry. They are adventurous, bold and daring. They talk a lot. They write a lot. They dream a lot. And, wait for this; they suffer a lot because of lack of respect from people who I feel they should know better.

The MTN 4Syte VMA organizers must be aware that having a media production house doesn’t mean that you may not need other platforms, well then why do you hold press soirees? Why do you call other media houses to come and support you when you have an event?

The MTN 4Syte VMA organizers must understand that it is the same media that will tell the world of the beauty and glamour in reference to what you are doing or have done. You may have a great event, yet if your attitude towards the media is that ‘I don’t need them’, then that’s fuzzy. If media men and women should be running after you to get media pass to cover an event that will still promote your event, then it calls for sober reflections. If media men and women will be treated without respect at entrances, then it calls for sober reflections.

Well the organizers must understand that it is this same media hence the preponderance of whatever they tell the world of your comedies no matter how you coat your event, that will be accepted. Pronto!

Where was that word ‘Professionalism’?: I am not going to mince words together, but the truth remains that Kofi Okyere Darko made a fuse out of the evening when he was called up stage with Samini to give an award. To everyone’s surprise, the man popularly called KOD deviated from what he was asked to come and do, rather found his hands massaging the hips of co-MC-Nana Aba Anamoah.

The TV3 newscaster may have played it down depending on what they both share, but the issue is that there was no professionalism exuded.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow but it remains the truth of the matter.

Watch the excitement of Natural Face as he swept the night