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The Cool Entertainment studios
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Music of Saturday, 21 July 2007

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The Cool Entertainment studios

Cool Entertainment Studios is a two billion cedi full multimedia set up which has been erected in Gbawe, a suburb of Accra by Germany based Eddie Cool, a Ghanaian musician and his elder brother Kingsley Owusu-Sarpong, CEO of Sarmason Enterprise, Accra.

The studios which has the capacity to record and produce any artiste, regardless of background also has facilities that are rarely found in Ghana.  Studios are becoming more compact and free of much hardware nowadays due to the development of sophisticated softwares, some of which are very expensive but are available at the Cool Studios.

There is nothing like having an airy place to rest after work. Cool Studios has a garden in which one can relax, read, eat or drink on break times during sessions. A spacious parking lot for clients who drive in has also been provided.

At the Video production unit of the studios there are up-to-date equipment and softwares to produce the best of video clips. The unit is manned by NAFTI trained, script writer, director, camera and lighting expert X Jaguar and special effect graphic designer, Blexx.

The investors’ zeal to contribute to the development of the Ghanaian music industry has compelled them to bring together about ten young and talented artistes and have named them the G Squad.

The motive is to record and release these artistes one after the other. The G Squad lives in the same house that has the studios. They assist each other in writing songs, rehearsing and recording.  Already, Adam, the first member of  G SQUAD has been released. “Fame Keke”, his debut album was recorded at the Cool Entertainment Studios by various sound engineers and producers hired by Cool Entertainment.

The ten-track album has a bit of hiplife, highlife, reggae and dancehall. It is a must keep album, very much of an urban kid with his grips on Ghanaian music.

The next artiste to be released by Cool Entertainment is unknown for now but one can be assured that be it Daddy Little, S.K Blingz, the Togolese member of the Squad, Jamila, the female member of the Squad, Icon, Qwamoa or Dr. Limsonne, the Ivorian singer, the production will be another bomb.

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