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Entertainment of Friday, 30 October 2015


Terry Bonchaka would have been alive if i was with him - Manager

Terry Bonchaka Terry Bonchaka

Today, 30th October, 2015 is exactly 13 years since the demise of the late Terrence Nii Okan Adjetey popularly known as Terry Bonchaka.

The then hip-life dynamo and a former student of Adisadel college was only 21 years when he died after performing at the Akuafo hall week celebrations at the university of the Ghana, legon through a motor accident on the Okpoglo road stretch.

To his then Manager and right hand man, Reagan Mends, the "puulele" hit maker would have been alive if he was with him on that night.

He spoke with Dr. Who, host of hot and classic showbiz review on Hot 93.9fm in Accra:

"Dr. Who, Terry and I use to get near fatal accidents than what killed him. The reason being that when ever we were together, our spirits combine together to off-set any evil that comes our way. Do you know why? When you're so much closer to someone, your spirits shields each other. But that was the only show i didn't go with Terry.

I can remember one of those numerous near fatal accidents in Kumasi at the "santasi" roundabout when our Opel saloon car skidded off the road and run into the roundabout. the accident was so gruesome that all the shafts of the car were broken but together with his senior brother Jerry who was driving survived unhurt. prior to that accident, our car tires got flatted 4 continuous times. So I can confidently say he would have been alive if i was with him", Reagan Mends passionately told Dr. Who.

When asked about why he wasn't with Terry on that night, this is what Reagan Mends told Dr. Who:

"I can't explain it publicly. It was a pure business reasons, because of what I can't explain on air, he was calling me to inform me about the legon show throughout the week but I was so much angry at him so didn't answer his calls".

Mends noted Within the short time that he lived, Terry Bonchaka, made a mark in his chosen field of endeavour, music, which generations to come will always remember when the story of hiplife is told.

He is the first hiplife champion with a unique ‘old school’ fashion which he projected in all his shows, complete with a comb in his hair, made a deep impression on all who came into contact with him.

Apart from his music, Terry will also be remembered for his unique stage craft which won him a very large following.

His favourite foods were "fufu" with palm nut soup and Rice and stew. He was funny, charming and full of energy.

He was a complete artiste who took his work seriously. Bonchaka did not distinguish between small shows and big shows. Once he stepped on stage, it was serious business till the end. Bonchaka died a virgin.

"GBEEBI AKLEEY(Ghana ladies),"PULELE", AFRICAN CHOW are popular songs Bonchaka shall forever be remembered with.