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Movies of Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Source: Mustapha.A.Inusah/Attractive/flex newspaper


As we wait patiently for the world cup to come to an end for the entertainment industry to regain its roots,Heroes Production who set the path for ghana in the AMAAS with movies like Sin Of The Soul AND Heart of men is here again. These movies gave the greatest opportunity to majid Michel to be nominated as the best performer in a leading role and martha Ankoma as the most promising actress in Africa

The producer who has already told the Ghanaian media that he does not believe in shooting many movies at a time but believes in good work has released another quality stuff."i have said it many times that I don’t believe in producing more moves at a time but believe in shooting quality and memorable movies. That is why my movies always make a mark in the Ghanaian movie industry ever since i started producing movies “he said Although only 30 minute scenes have been shown to this reporter, he described it as among the best of Ghanaian movies.

he movie which will be premiered on July is filled with suspense. It is an edge of your seat thriller, a grapping plot set against the high flying social fabric of modern can never tell what behind it. THE GAME ‘is a perfect ground for a perfect murder, betrayal, greed, intrigue, love, sex and revenge. When these stakes are high, brothers become enemies; love comes laced with a motive. A face becomes a mask, so handsome or beautiful, who wins the game? The one who plays to win or the one who plays to defeat" he asked the moment of action films to have a place in our movies is now since the game can boast of more action scenes.

The movie features movie stars like Majid Michel,John Dumelo,Yvonne Nelson.Yvonne Okoro,Fred Nuamah and new faces like Nadia Arche kang among others. Movie critics were skeptical about the movie as they asked if the movie title has a link with the ongoing world cup but the producer says, it is far from that “you can only get to know the kind of Game we are talking about if only you come to silver bird cinema on the 9th July for the premiere. Come and meet the stars in the movie