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Fashion of Thursday, 21 January 2010

Source: Ameyaw Debrah

Studio 53 at 6pm on 24 January and Mnet Series on 30 January

Anita at Mozambique Fashion week (Mozambique)

Ghana’s Anita Erskine flew out to Mozambique to check out the Mozambique Fashion Fashion Week. The event aimed at enhancing the national fashion and beauty industries, discovering new talent in Mozambique and showcasing the country’s cultural strength through its creative designs. Sixty models strutted their stuff on the catwalk and designers showcasing included a few locals, a host of Pan Africans and a few Europeans. This was a fun and glamorous event!

Big Brother party Lagos (Nigeria)

Kevin, the winner of the Big Brother Revolution aka “Kev-olution” returned to his country, Nigeria and got to celebrate with thousands of fans, family and friends at his welcome party. After ninety exciting days in the Big Brother Africa house, Kevin not only won the $200,000 prize, but also the admiration of his country’s people and of most of the continent’s television viewers. Adaure met up with Kevin at the party.

Invictus Morgan Freeman (South Africa)

Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon’s latest movie, Invictus, is one of the latest films worth watching. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie is based on the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of the national team, Francois Pienaar, during the rugby World Cup game in 1995, to unite South Africa. The screenplay was penned by South African writer Anthony Peckham, based on the book, Playing the Enemy, written by John Carlin. Lebo got an opportunity to rub shoulders with the cast at the premiere of the movie in South Africa.

Nix (Senegal)

Nix is a great rap artist from Senegal, now based in France. Influenced by the sounds of Doug E Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, Father MC, Public Enemy, he was inspired to try and follow in their footsteps. Grace caught up with this Senegalese hip-hop star. Crowned the "best solo rap artist of the year "in Senegal in 2003, and fondly known as '' The rifleman of modern times'', Nix is one hip-hop star going places!

Chris Aire - Jeweller (Nigeria)

Chris Aire, aka ‘The King of Bling’ is one big dreamer and achiever. When he saw how neglected the Nigerian urban demographic was, he started designing jewellery that helped lead the urban jewellery market into a multibillion dollar industry. Adaure met with Chris to find out more about him, his jewellery business, celebrity clients in the entertainment industry and future plans. This amazing and humble businessman is responsible for key jewellery trends such as the diamond dog tags that were worn in the movie, Bad Boys, which starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Osaka Restaurant (Tanzania)

Japanese cuisine may be a bit of a mystery for some people and the best food money can buy for some. Teppanyaki, is a unique style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. Watching the chef prepare teppanyaki is an important part of the meal and to ensure that the diners’ food doesn’t get cold, their plates rest on the hot teppan, the same surface used by the chef to prepare meals. Thembi visited the Osaka Restaurant in Dar es Salaam, to find out more about their Japanese cuisine.

Sekouba - Musician (Guinea) IK caught up with a master musician Sekouba from Guinea. Back in the early 70s, one of the bands supported and funded by the state was the legendary Bembeya Jazz National, where Sekouba worked his way up to becoming lead singer. In 1990, Sekouba Bambino, as he is known, founded his own band and made his first album, "Sama". Bambino has been Guinea's number one star throughout most of his three-decade career. He has released five albums to the local market, breaking new ground and old sales records each time. Watch out for Sekouba Bambino!