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Music of Wednesday, 29 September 2010

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SriBuO Release for the week - Natty Borax - Asee Ho

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Asee ho .. sign asee ho ... asee ho ... Ladies and gentlemen, this week we bring you the mother of all controversial euphemisms in Ghanaian music - "Asee Ho" by Natty Borax and Daddy Lumba.

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So this album is another classic in all respects. Asee ho was specifically reporting to the bottom part of the marriage certificate. That is apparently where couples are supposed to sign. But quite conveniently, Asee Ho means "Down There" ... you know ... an allusion to that special part of the human body. Just listen to it and enjoy: Marriage certificate nu nie!


The other song you definitely want to give a close listen to is Nana Yaa. It has a reggae beat and Daddy Lumba blesses it with his smooth and silky voice. All the Nana Yaa's in the world would sure feel like 1 million new Ghana cedis after listening to this song.


Borax just kept coming with the hits on this album. Eye Onua (it is her) is another hip moving hit track from this album. Borax sings and raggas to a steady three beat tempo. The back drop sounds of "M aaaaa" and "Sobolo" make this track closer to home in how it sounds. KK Fosu, the one and only Mr. D-Style does justice to the track with his singing:


The album is 9 tracks in all. The other tracks are good but didn't create as much of a stir as the above three. Nevertheless they are certainly worth looking at. The album was also recorded in an era before the shoot music video and upload to YouTube fad so we don't have any YouTube videos for the songs on it to show to you. These other tracks include Mama Pa (an ode to mothers), Me Coat Yi, I can Fly and War. War is actually an acapella Rasta chant.

All in all this album will go down in history as one of the major classics from Ghana music. It is definitely well worth the purchase and listen.

-credits George Armah