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Entertainment of Monday, 13 June 2011

Source: News-One

Socrates Sarfo Pulls Gun

AN ANGRY man holding a loaded gun in public is indeed a dangerous person to be near and NEWS-ONE has received reports that controversial movie producer Socrates Safo furiously pulled out a gun while quarrelling and throwing tantrums in Kumasi last week.

“He was quarrelling with Mercy Asiedu because she said he should not treat her like the actress whose pubic hair was shaved…she really gave it to him and walked off the set while the camera guys and everyone was ready.

“When she left, there was this guy laughing and Socrates thought the guy was laughing at him and before we saw what was happening, he pulled out the gun, pointed it at the guy and when we started shouting, he threw it at him. He then held his head with both hands while squatting on the floor.

“His eyes were very red and his breathing was very heavy. He remained in that position for some time until he became relaxed,” an eyewitness source told NEWS-ONE.

NEWS-ONE gathered that veteran actress Mercy Asiedu and Socrates had a fierce disagreement over a movie title and she called his bluff by walking off his movie set.

The actress was reportedly heard yelling: “Socrates go hell out. I am not afraid of you. You think I am one of those girls, you intimidate and go free. Me, I am ready for you. I can handle you. If you really want to continue to work with me, then you must be ready to learn to respect, adjust and listen to other people’s opinion. I don’t want any national security people and radio chasing me for interviews over a movie.”

Mercy Asiedu was said to have advised Socrates to change the title of his new movie, ‘Greedy Bastards’, which was still being produced when government complained about two other movies, ‘Atta Mortuary Man’ and ‘Oh Uncle Atta’.

But Socrates reportedly refused to even listen to the actress and allegedly asked her to “shut up and stop behaving like a movie producer rather than an actress”.

Our source said Socrates said once he had paid Mercy Asideu for her role in the ‘Greedy Bastards’ movie, she had no option but to play her role, regardless of the movie title.

“So they continued shouting at each other and Mercy finally walked away…there was this guy called Alhaji who was laughing after the incident and Socrates pulled the gun,” our source disclosed.

Socrates, when NEWS-ONE called him yesterday, refused to comment on the issue. He did not even say a “no comment” but only listened to the questions and cut the phone line. The producer recently refused to work with one of his favorite actresses, Baby Blanch, after he accused her of leaking stories about him to NEWS-ONE.