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Entertainment of Tuesday, 30 March 2021


Sista Afia is bleeding - Nana Yaw Wiredu

Sista Afia says she planned the beef with Freda Rhymz and Eno Barony play videoSista Afia says she planned the beef with Freda Rhymz and Eno Barony

Entertainment analyst Nana Yaw Wiredu has questioned Sista Afia's claim that her beef with Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz was planned.

The highlife musician in a chat on The Fella Show said she called Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz and sold the idea to them with the aim of reviving the rap game among women in Ghana's music industry.

She added that despite the perfect execution of the idea, neither Eno Barony nor Freda Rhymz has shown gratitude to her.

Making a submission on GhanaWeb TV's entertainment review show Bloggers' Forum, Nana Yaw Wiredu indicated that Sista Afia's statement was unnecessary although he reckoned that it is not the first time a musician has admitted to planning a beef.

He told host Abrantepa that the decision to make that comment can be attributed to frustration.

"Nobody triggered this, nothing provoked this. I don't fault her. All the things she has tried to do after the beef, whatever her expectations were, she couldn't meet them so the thinking would be that spark another world war two and get certain leverage back. It's normal for people to say they planned beefs but at this point in time, nobody called you," he said.

"You're painting a picture for your fans to lose trust in your next move. It's funny for me; I don't want to hurt her with my submission because she's already bleeding," Nana Yaw Wiredu added.

On Whether Eno and Freda Rhymz have exhibited traits of ungratefulness, the Director of replied they owe her no gratitude.

"I don't think Eno and Freda Rhymz would have to say thank you to Sista Afia. Whether it was planned or not, everybody has benefited accordingly. Why should I say thank you when I also boosted your numbers? What if I decided not to be part of the beef? The thank-you part is uncalled for," he said.

Watch that part of the discussion from the 38th minute.