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Entertainment of Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Source: NewsOne

Shaved Vagina For Court

Controversial movie producer Socrates Sarfo is unamused over reports that he had shaved an actress who played a role in his new movie, ‘What Sex Can Do’.

Socrates, also known as ‘Hot Fork Man’, has denied the report exclusively put out by News-One and threatened to go to court over the matter unless the paper retracted the story in its entirety.

NEWS-ONE, on the other hand, stands by the story and insists the report was based on an unedited version of ‘What Sex Can Do’ the paper’s reporters saw when they visited Socrates’ Movie Africa Production last week.

A not-too-amused Socrates told NEWS-ONE yesterday, “My wife is a pastor and I do not shave even her so why would I shave someone’s daughter who may even have a lover?

It is not my duty to tell you what happened and the fact that there was shaving in the movie and I might have been caught on camera holding a shaving stick near the actress and demonstrating something does not mean I did the shaving.”

He continued, “NEWS-ONE is fond of giving me bad press and using bad photos of me. I would sue you over this shaving matter…you have succeeded in changing my name from Socrates to Hot Fork Man and now you have started again.

I do not teach you how to edit your stories and I do not expect any lessons from you on how I should produce my movies.

Kobi Rana is the director in this case so how can the producer be the one to do the shaving?” an angry Socrates ranted in an interview with NEWS-ONE.

Meanwhile, NEWS-ONE has gathered that the lady who was shaved in the said movie goes by the name Baby Blanch and that the development has created some problems for Socrates.

Indeed, Baby Blanch, the actress has confirmed the shaving scene in the movie. She said Socrates took the shaving stick to demonstrate how it should be done for the cameras.

Blanch however says she would not go public with further details.

Baby Blanch was reported to have abandoned the production last Friday and walked out during shooting of the movie over reports of a sprained leg.

Reports said Socrates had also demanded that she shave her hair, armpit and other parts of her body though that was not the initial agreement she had with him.

That disagreement was yet to be solved when Blanch had an injured leg while dancing Salsa in the same movie. She reportedly abandoned the production.

Blanch, in an interview with, did not deny the shaving episode but said it was not for the public to know whether Socrates shaved her or actually shaved himself to demonstrate how to shave pubic hair. NEWS-ONE has also gathered that there are moves to lobby the Censorship Board to prevent Socrates from releasing the movie in Ghana and that may explain his eleventh-hour denial of the shaving saga.

A source close to Socrates’ Movie Africa Production said they had been under pressure from civil society since NEWS-ONE broke the story of the shaved pubic hair.

On how exactly the shaving happened, this was what the source told NEWS-ONE: “We were on set shooting the movie and one of the actress had to shave her pubic hair in front of the cameras but she was being dull so Socrates took the shaving stick and did it for her in front of the cameras and all of us.”

Socrates has since denied that any such thing happened on set.