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Music of Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Sarkodie says Tigo Deezer as Best Platform to promote music

Rapper Sarkodie has endorsed Tigo Deezer, a music service platform and says it’s the best platform to promote music.

Sarkodie believes Deezer is here to help the local musicians grow as artistes and also promote their music, so therefore “we should embrace it.”

The music service gives subscribers access to an unlimited music through a mobile application on their phones.

He said even though, there are other forms of platforms to promote music, Deezer is the best platform to music.

“Deezer is a music platform where people can actually access music, stream it and listen to it. You have it on the phone. I can say the other platform like iTunes … but the difference between those and Deezer is because my people [fans] down here can access it and have exclusivity” he said.

According to him, his fans deserve the exclusivity that comes with Deezer because “they don’t have to wait until songs leak and then they probably go and check unofficial sites. If you listen to my songs on Deezer, it’s more like Sarkodie giving you [a] playlist to listen to, its coming directly from Sarkodie. It’s like me tweeting; they believe it more than reading it or listening to your songs somewhere.”

He added that, among other things, exclusivity is the reason why musicians do albums and still sell their CDs to enable their fans to own copies.

“I think that exclusivity is why we even do albums and still sell CDs for you to feel like you own something from Sarkodie directly.”

He said when he heard about Deezer, he became “much more interested” because the difference between Deezer and other platforms is that one can actually access Deezer here in Africa.

Deezer is an international music streaming service which enables subscribers who are music lovers to download all types of music irrespective of their geographical locations at a low rate on Tigo