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Music of Friday, 28 August 2020

Source: Rolly Panda, Contributor

Rolly Panda shares near-death experience in new song 'Dance'

Musician Rolly Panda play videoMusician Rolly Panda

Ghana's entertainment industry over the years has seen the demise of young and budding artists who worked hard but could not live to enjoy the fruits of their labout. The likes of Terry Bonchaka, Suzy Williams, Vybrant Faya and Ebony Reigns are but a few, who passed away at the prime of their careers.

The beginning of coronavirus pandemic saw the release of a viral song “Aunty Coro", by Rolly Panda. This song dominated the airwaves both locally and international.

On Friday, August 22, Rolly was returning from a show. At about 12 am on the Teshie road, a group of young men tried to stop him. Sensing danger, Rolly decided to speed up for his safety. However, as he refused to stop, one of the young men chased after his car and this eventually led Rolly to veer off the road. In a couple of minutes after, the car engine was engulfed in fire.

Shocked and wound up about the turn of events, the “Aunty Coro “hitmaker tried exiting the car. Unfortunately, the doors had automatically locked up when the engine went up in smoke.

It took the bravery and strength of the young men, to break the car window and pull Rolly Panda out.

" I was still in shock, as I stood by and watched, while efforts were made to put out the fire" says Rolly.

After numerous efforts by the young men, the fire was finally contained.

In view of the near-death experience, Rolly Panda has released a new song. With the song titled "Dance” Rolly shares his near-death experience, while expressing gratitude to God for another chance at life.

With all the political and COVID-19 pressure, Rolly Panda felt the need to make the song danceable for his fans.

The Hitmaker, however cautions drivers to be vigilant when driving especially at night, in order to detect some of these emergencies.

In the meantime, while the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, "DANCE" is available on all music platforms.

Dance was Mixed and mastered and by Gigz and produced by Rolly Panda himself.