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Music of Sunday, 11 October 2015

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Rebranding: Young So changes name to 'Call Me Asumadu'

Asumadu Asumadu

He may be only 23 years old but multi-talented Solomon Asumadu Mensah appreciates the correlation between re-branding and the height of his musical career.

An artist, a tutor in shipping management and a rap musician, Solo, has been underground for three years with a stage name ‘Young So’ but he has not been lucky to hit the limelight.

It may not be because the holder of Advanced Diploma in shipping management is not gifted but, he is convinced that his showbiz name of Young So has not helped matters.

After a sober reflection, Young So has gone back to his ‘roots’ to adopt his family name Asumadu as his new showbiz name, in an attempt to re-brand himself and perhaps seek the blessings behind the family name.

He told Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi ‘I opted for Asumadu as a reflection of my current state of mind, one that reflects my desire to leave a bigger mark on the rap fraternity.’

Indeed, Asumadu may not have been successful, but his three years underground has helped him build a reputation and a solid fan base.

“I’m going with the name Asumadu because I really feel like I’m me than what I have been in the past. I’ve managed as a raw rap guy to come out of the shadows of the hardships I’ve had,” the rapper said.

His dream is to build on his four singles so far- T3nt3l3but33l3 featuring T Keche, Carry Go featuring Ben Brainy, Ahuofe Patri featuring Abeka and Fakye Me featuring Ben Brainye-- to become one of the most sought after musicians in the near future.