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Entertainment of Sunday, 24 August 2014

Source: Cojo Amankwah

Press free Saga: The Ghanaian nature of forgetfulness and ungratefulness

I remember clearly my secondary school days in the mid 2000s when we use to listen to Dr Duncan's Kasahari level on Adom Fm every Saturday night. My clique of friends would gather after prep to listen to the rap battles and call in to vote for our favourite rapper.

We loved the show because it was unique, and it related to our youthful exuberance. Dr Duncan gave upcoming or underground rap acts the platform to sell their act. Respect to Sarkodie, D'crime, Yaa Pono, Chris Waddle just to mention a few, you guys made our Saturday nights.

Fast forward a few years later, Sarkodie stood out from the lot and his act matured to be what good works and lyrical quality we know him to display on his songs.

At this point, it is clear The Media in this case the good old Adom Fm and Dr Duncan, a radio presenter aka media worker and us the listening audience are part of the stakeholders who supported brand Sarkodie to be what it is today.

Let me state explain here the word Support; Support need not always be money, those days we used our secondary school pocket money to make phone calls to vote for Sarkodie on kasahari level tell me that, not support?

If I like you on facebook or follow you on twitter or Instagram, it is social support, and the value of that cannot be measured in monetary terms because it's priceless.

Sarkodie last two freestyle songs were very distasteful to me, and I guess to many fans of his like me who hold him in high regard. Guess what I only heard of the song via a news website, the same media promoting your works) which even had a link to the song for me to download it and listen to it on my phone.

In the mid 2000s Former Prez Kuffour, who you claim pardon my direct translation 'could not see top' managed economy with exchange rate $1=0.92pesewas. At that time, I believe you didn't even know what the economy or probably dollars was all about because you had no US visa to talk of even BET awards.

I don't know you age Sark but i know when Prof Atta-Mills was teaching my lecturers in Legon in late 80s or through the 90s and was a world renowned law lecturer and visiting Prof to some prominent universities in America you were no where close to the US embassy much less buying a first class ticket to LA.

Forgetfulness of the Ghanaian in this case is on the button.

Well yes, BET award is world-renowned achievement but does that give you a license to discredit other great people or great leaders effort or their works.

I am an NPP fanatic, and no one is happy about the current situation in Ghana but to rubbish Prez Mahama's work as the worse ever is quite not right especially when you are a person others respect.

I respect you and I respect all our former presidents, and you have to be an example to your fans even in hard times.

Let me ask you can you lead Ghana? Do you think H.E Mahama is happy Ghana is in difficult times?

Of course, not even if you hate Ghana and you live in Ghana you wouldn't wish that for Ghana, not even foreigners who live and do business in Ghana would want to see the Ghanaian economy this bad much less to talk of Ghanaian citizen and sitting president.

Guys let's see the human side of this economic situation we currently face in Ghana.

It is clear Prez Mahama and his team cannot solve the current economic situation, but they won't resign as elsewhere, unfortunately in Africa people continue even in failure.

Obrafour advised you on "in this life" track not to be proud because you are very talented, but these two latest tracks clearly show you gave a deaf ear to him.

Yes, you have won a couple of BET awards, and I cannot dispute you are an international act, but there are some big international doors your songs or act can never open, but these Great people you rubbish can easily open those doors with ease.

You said you went on the BBC cos Komla Dumor put you on that is favouritism and bias cos he is a Ghanaian, and I wish you didn't say that of Komla connecting you to be on BBC.

I think Komla (R.I.P) won't be happy to be credited with what we term "a whom you know-type of professional" because that doesn't look good on him.

But guess what, there was the Osibisa a Ghanaian act who didn't have the privilege of a "Komla Dumor" to put them on, but the quality of their act put them on not only on BBC, which is limited to the UK but other worldwide news channels.

I can understand how you want to relate to your fans frustration but at the expense of people Greater than you is not fair. Archbishop Duncan Williams once said that on your way to Greatness don't undervalue those greater than you if you do that you will never be as great as them ever.

That is why Absalom lost the throne of his Father David to Solomon, who was his junior brother. Absalom saw himself greater than his father David and God brought him down.

I am not a pastor; I'm just a frustrated fan who don't want to see you going down the path you seem to have taken with these two tracks.

Free Press. The content of the song says the media should stay off and not comment if they don't follow you to America.

That is not free press. Refer to advise Obrafour on content before you title your tracks. Prof Mills could have easily thought you this brother, criticising a tower of knowledge like Prof and displaying this level of ignorance looks very bad on you.

Free Press is when the media or journalists are free to write, comment and to investigate issues, persons or organisations of public concern without fear, favour or control by any person, organisation or government.

The Media gave you the platform which propelled you to be what and where you are today don't forget that.

You did "borger; borger ena eye den" but trust me most of your shows is abroad, and borgers patronise them. I guess 70% of your income is by kind courtesy of 'borgers'. Ok, forget that.

Pride always comes before the fall; it will be sad to see you fall from grace but with the path, you have chosen fall is inevitable.

Don't let the little money and fame get into your head to rubbish the hard work of the greater people than you. I call it little money because I don't think you make $500,000 per year guess what others worth millions of dollars already yet they never say the president is worse, etc.

Back then when you had nothing you didn't say "Kuffour not see top", today you claim "He didn't see top" cos you have 5yrs US visa and a few dollars.

Imagine having a Grammy that is highly rated than the BETs? Imagine the worldwide success of the Osibisa group? Imagine the sold out concerts they had in America, Europe and even today the Osibisa have a following in Japan, China and Australia worth millions of dollars.

Were you at Kiki Gyan's funeral did you see the international community that represented to mourn him. You are on your way, but you are not there yet mate so relax and go to Obrafour for advice!

I guess one day you get a Grammy award you will say change the name of KNUST to SUST because Kwame Nkrumah did nothing.

We love you men, focus on what made you great not what will destroy you!