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Posting you on his status doesn’t mean he loves you – Sex coach to women

Sex Coach Dzifa Sweetness play videoSex Coach Dzifa Sweetness

Sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness has advised that women should not be carried away when they see their boyfriends post them on their status because that does not prove love.

During a discussion on how one can be sure if their partner loves them or not, with Adwen, the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she stated that a man can post a woman’s picture professing his love to her and showing her off when in actuality, the post privacy has been customized for only her to see.

“Someone can use your picture on his or her status and you’ll be the only one seeing it so it doesn’t matter if your boyfriend or girlfriend posts you, you should get all excited because that does not mean he or she loves you”, she said.

She went on to advise women on how to know if their man loves them, saying that being taken out on dates regularly and being spent on does not mean that the man is genuinely in love with them. According to her, women should rather be mindful of how their boyfriends talk about their future plans and whether or not he involves them.

“In a relationship, you need to be mindful of how he talks. If he is making plans for the future, does he involve you? Does he talk using ‘I’ or ‘we’? If a man really loves you, he will say things like ‘This is how I want our future home to be’ not ‘This is how I want my future home to be’’, she added.

Dzifa emphasized on the fact that women need to pay close attention to how their boyfriends act around them, be it when they are alone, in the presence of friends, family, and even his responses to questions that she asks about them and their relationship.

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