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Entertainment of Friday, 30 June 2017

Source: Michael Twum Appiah Adjei & Acquah Kwame

Poem: Free the youth; A poem that will make your Republic Day awesome

They want us to fly high in the sky, Yet, setting us free, they decide to cry. The sky is our limit, but it is a lie. They take us to wrong choices of schools, For their own benefit they make their rules, They alter our passion so we no longer become tools, But wonder when we turn fools. We give up; we no longer mien for lull from above, We have no hope of love, So we get incarcerated like a dove.

They articulate to us that without their support, There’s no occasion for us to acquire a virtuous report. But they decline to provide us tissues, When we shriek over certain issues. When the sky turns dark and they are sleeping, And not even the tap is leaking, Do they hear us weeping? At least that is what we are seeking. We the youth lie under the pillow squawking, Just to be set free in the country of the free.

Do they question why we are in sorrow? Why we hanker to flee from their arrow? And why our tears are still falling so low? Very slow are they to know that we grow to glow to say hello. Petrified are they to factor us into their office, They will realize we are not novice. We promise to give them profits in their office. Afraid are they to factor us into their mansion, They will realize that our actions are inspiration, And our innovation will be to their satisfaction.

The old men weep for their tomorrow, Which is lost in Once Upon A Time; The old wound, if traumatized, is the sorest; The old trees are leafless in the forest; The old hope is the hardest to be lost; But the youth, oh my siblings, Do they enigmatically ask us why we still stand tall? Our fledgling feet, they say, are weak, But we have proven not to be meek. The wretched youth is what they seek. But our grave-rest is very far to seek.

They say only few paces have we taken, Little has or minds matured to be freed. For their selfish interest, they say we are the future leaders, But isn’t freed Mark Zukerburg a leader to many now? We try to keep our heads up high, and imagine a day, When we will be allowed to fly, and we will go away. We will be kings and queens in our kingdom, Once we are safe to win our freedom. We will live no more in fear, once we have been set free. All that we crave for is for them to: Free the Youth.