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Piracy is our biggest threat…Mr Kommey
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Music of Wednesday, 4 July 2007

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Piracy is our biggest threat…Mr Kommey

You will naturally have affection for this young-smallish but effective man whose versatile profession is probably one of the most difficult and energy-sapping jobs.

He never frowns on his job, this is because he believes that everyone with the necessary drive and motivation should be able to work diligently in any field of endouvour .

He has ecently returned from Israel with a renewed enthusiasm to ace future challenges. Clement Ablorh-Kommey is dark, hot, handsome and always neatly dressed with an unadulterated smile in his face.

He was born to Mr. Adjei Kommey and Mrs. Rebecca Azah of Teshie, a suburb of Accra on 26th May 1975. He attended Teshie Presby Primary through to Kimbu International School. He pursued his secondary education at Labone Secondary School before joining Clinton University in UK for the Sales and Marketing programme. Before then young intelligent Clement had taken a course in International Air Travel Agency (IATA) as a travel and tour consultant at thew Ghana Airways Training Center.

He is currently the PRO of Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) something he has done for so many years. At the same time executive producer of your popular GTV entertainment shows dubbed POP BOX and the chief executive officer of CLECO-MAX Marketing and Media Consult.

In all these establishments he makes sure that he attends to all of them before retiring to bed.

There are few things Clement wants to do with his life, “I have a commitment to develop my God given talent. I want to be in a career I love and achieving my set-target on merit.” He explains. Clement’s personality apart from his skill makes him most liked and loved person at his place of work.

He has a determination, a will, actually a personality that makes claim to success indisputably.

According to him the problems confronting the Music industry is enormous that requires all hands on deck. “We are all part of the problem, the piracy is one of the biggest threats to our infant industry but the public seems not to be co-operating because they see, for example, down loading as a normal thing. I think the general public needs to be educated and the various arms of the Copyright Administration must be strengthened up for the task ahead” He stressed.

He calls on Hiplife artistes to be serious with the mother union in order to be abreast with current happenings in the world of music. The future still looks good for Hiplife genre; the only problem is that musicians should enter into

proper contracts with their employers for their future guarantee.

Clement, who just got married to a beautiful “queen” Cynthia Fafa Kommey, started as a music director in his church before joining GBC (Obonu FM 96.5) with his close pal DJ Lalo to pursue a career in radio broadcasting which unearthed his talent into media.  He also put it “ I decided to enter into broadcasting because I felt at the time that I love music and more particularly I consider it as a very challenging job”, he said.

He has tarried long at the strain of endless rehearsals, worked his way through having one job executed in a manner that will make him succeed. The shy-looking Clement hopes to use his influence to help the disadvantage in society.

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