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Entertainment of Monday, 25 March 2019


People & Places: Why Northern Fugu hats are worn in a special position

Secretary for Smock Makers Association, Mohammed Ali Abdul Somed has revealed why people in the Northern Region, rock their fugu hats in a particular way to suit any event.

Talking about the positioning, he noted that the hats could be worn with its tail tilted to the left, right, back, upwards and the front.

Making reference to Ya-Naa’s outfit during the 62nd Independence Day celebration which was held at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, Mr. Somed noted that the Dagon Chief’s hat was worn upright which signifies his authority above all present for the occasion aside God.

He continued that, sub-chiefs in the region can have that look when they are alone but would face any consequences when they wear it to any function since it reflects disrespect for the Ya-Naa.

“Savelegu Naa can wear it when alone. In the presence of Ya-Naa, they can’t wear their hats upright. If they flout that rule, it means that, directly or indirectly, they are insulting the Ya-Naa” Mr. Somed said.

"A typical Dagomba man who knows his tradition will not wear it this way when he is with Ya-Naa”, he added.

As the Dagbon land has resolved all conflict-related issues and are at peace, anyone found wearing his hat tilted to the left signifies that he is a man of peace and therefore, abhors troubles.

However, if the hat is tilted to the right, it tells people that, the individual is self-dependent.

Also, a hat slanted backward signifies royalty of the individual or a chief yet to be crowned.

If a local is seen rocking his fugu hat slanged to the front, it exhibits his braveness in all aspect of his life.

“When I wear it this way, it means I don’t fear anybody. That means I don’t have any co-equal. In terms of riches, juju, children, wives, money, I have no co-equal”.

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