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Pastor Audrey Maison - Truly Blessed
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Music of Wednesday, 25 October 2006

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Pastor Audrey Maison - Truly Blessed

On Sunday October 15, 2006, Ebenezar World Outreach Church in Edison, New Jersey honored and appreciated its Senior Pastor; Prophetess Audrey Maison at an occasion held on their church premises. The event was well attended by powerful women and men of God from New York, Virginia, Florida and Trinidad respectively.

It started with a powerful open prayer and worship which was spirit filled and continued with captivating praises by the Prophetic Voices led by Prophetess Audrey Maison but one could not stand but filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

All who attended were truly blessed. For the past two years, Pastor Audrey, as she is affectionately called by her young congregation has pastured this modern and highly technically inclined incorporated church alongside her husband; Elder Stanford Maison who is the Founder and Presiding Elder with their three children. Associated pastors; Paul Agbo and Job Twene and faithful church members say they are truly blessed.

This writer ask why they think they are blessed and they answered as follows; we were once sinners and now saved by the Grace of the Almighty.

Prophetess Audrey and Elder Stan Maison are truly blessed with many gifts from God and made the church survive through this end time turmoil in the body of Christ. To mention just a few, Elder Maison is gifted with musical talents in composition and playing the keyboard for the church as well as a dynamic teacher of the gospel who can make anyone, no matter their level of understanding gravitate to wards the Word of God.

With many years of experience managing his own Real Estate firm, Elder Maison has transferred this knowledge to micro-manage the affairs of Ebenezar World Outreach Church to withstand the test of several challenges confronting the typical Diaspora churches in inner city America. It has so far emerged unscathed principally due to its vision and mission which translates to 'Love and Giving' service to all humanity.

Prophetess Audrey, a woman of faith and prayer, has been blessed with many gifts in singing, deliverance, and with a heart filled with love and giving to support the needy.

This humble woman of God has traveled to many places in Africa and America touching lives. She and her husband just returned from a crusade and leadership conference in Eldoret, Kenya with many people testifying to how they love, appreciate and totally committed to the work of God.

At her ordination two years ago, her first sermon came with a very powerful message. Surprisingly and gradually, the Lord has increased her in anointing in all levels. This young woman of God has matured in the Lord and delivered powerful messages to bless or empower anyone who listens to her as it happened on the Appreciation Day. It is a belief that the body of Christ is getting ready to receive a true woman of God with the style of Juanita Bynum from Ghana, West Africa and it's a true blessing to all of us.

Prophetess Audrey also supports many organizations in Ghana where 95% of the projects she undertakes are sponsored by her husband Elder Maison and 5% from other sponsors and church members. Earlier this year, she donated clothes and other items shipped from America by the help of Enoch Asare of Above All Shippers in Carteret, New Jersey.

Currently Mr. Kofi Bawuah, CEO of Universal Trucking and Shipping Inc in Rahway, New Jersey is helping to ship other items to help the needy this coming holidays and she is still seeking for more donations in all forms.

Ebenezar World Outreach Church is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization who is constantly engaging the Federal and State governments to secure grants to train her community, in vocational trades and training, to help these individuals to increase their earning potential as well as counseling the battered and abused women and children, HIV/AIDS affected people and prevention of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes both in Ghana and America.

Prophetess and Elder Maison's next project is a mass wedding in November, 2006 for 33 couples in conjunction with Pastor Daniel Ahoi of Victory Assemblies of God Church in Accra for couples who are in the church but unable to be joined in holy matrimony due to financial constraints. Prophetess Audrey believes that family enrichment is necessary for healthy homes to get our kids off the street and to secure their future.

President and CEO of WYBA (LTD) Accra, Ghana Mr. Adjei Boateng (Lash), and Nana Amoako-Atta, President and CEO of Makola Markets in Newark, New Jersey have both committed as part sponsors in this project and many more are still needed.

On an on-going effort to continue sponsoring families and organizations, Prophetess Audrey Maison is launching a new double inspirational worship CD with exaltation (Nhyira, twi CD and Blessing-English CD) which all proceeds after production costs will go towards; 'Hope At Last" projects in Ghana.

To learn more about Ebenezar World Outreach Church/Inc in America and in Ghana and to listen to Sermons and Teachings by Prophetess and Elder Maison and To learn more about Ebenezar World Outreach Church/Inc in America and in Ghana and to listen to Sermons and Teachings by Prophetess and Elder Maison and also testimonies, visit their web site at www.ebenezar.com.

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