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Music of Friday, 19 June 2020


Papi-5five reveals origin of Appietus’ gibberish lines in songs

Papi of music group 5five Papi of music group 5five

Papi of music group 5five and ‘Move back’ fame, has explained how Appietus came up with his captivating, yet blather part in the hit song ‘Mujebaya’.

He made this revelation during an exclusive studio interview with the Supreme Selector, DJ Advicer, on the Ayekoo After Drive which airs on Happy 98.9fm.

Everyone can recall the song ‘Move back’, otherwise known as ‘Mujebaya’ which took over the airwaves in 2011, with sound engineer, Appietus rattling some gibberish lyrics which though no one understood, was quite a jamming part in the song. This, however, became his thing after seeing how well the masses vibed to it.

Papi_5five, replying DJ Advicer on whether they made Appietus come up with those terms, said, “We wrote our chorus and everything, and took our beat to the studio to work on the song. I said I was going to sing the chorus so I did that and I did my verse. It was Killi’s turn to do his part but Appietus wanted to arrange some things in my rap so as he was doing it, he was playing around with it, making those sounds.

I told him what he was doing was nice and he was like no, he’s just joking. I insisted it was nice so we brought him the mic and the thing just came. I think Killi or someone he knows, understands a bit of Hausa so as Appietus was doing it, he was adding the Mujebaya. It was just a studio vibe”, he said.

Furthering on how he, Papi, also came up with his words ‘Ajei, awoo’ on the song, she narrated that’s back in the days, he used to go clubbing with Bulldog a lot. One day, they got out of the club and a thief was being beaten. He pretended to be on verge of death and just when they left him, he took to his heels.

“So after the club, we were going back home and we realized someone was passing and making those sounds ‘ajeii awoo’ like he was in pain. Me and Bulldog used to laugh at that thing so when I entered the booth, the beat played and I was so into it, all I could say was Ajeii, awoo”, the musician further explained.