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Fashion of Monday, 14 October 2013

Source: Vincent Baffour-Acheampong

Our sense of fashion has gone ‘crazy’

Fashion has been with us since time immemorial. Right from the days of Adam and Eve (from their “birthday suits” to their ‘animal skin clothes’), trends have become somewhat interesting.

Though styles have varied from cultural and geographical locations, one thing has been predominantly similar almost everywhere; the resurfacing of “archaic” fashion styles.

Ghana has not been left out of the fashion craze that has swept over almost the entire globe. Right from independence till date, events have mostly been the avenue for the display of fashion trends and patterns of the Ghanaian people.

Colour combination, and what matches what, has been determined by the event and the fashion sense of the “fashionista”.

I read a fashion piece in New Vision, a Ugandan newspaper, which elaborated on the concept of reviving archaic fashion styles (usually ones that were downplayed) and making them trendy for modern day use.

In that piece, the focus was on the resurfacing of an old fashioned outfit, ‘peasant skirts’. Back in the days, peasant skirts were associated with poor people; maids to be precise.

In that piece by Cecilia Okoth, it was interesting to note how the old fashioned outfit was currently in vogue. In Uganda, they are now likened to Caribbean or round skirts which range between a cool five thousand (3 USD 20 cents) and twenty thousand (approximately 14 USD) Ugandan shillings.

In Ghana, trends have been similar. Old fashioned outfits are been ‘modernised’ into new trends; some of which are somewhat bizarre.

‘Old school’ trousers and tight fitting tops which were frowned upon in the 90’s are back in vogue. Most young men in recent times want well-trimmed and fitting tops and trousers.

Back then, when ‘baggy’ clothes were in vogue, people were considered “gay” for choosing such tight attires. Now almost everyone, especially guys, prefer fitting attires; sometimes a little too fitting for comfort.

Another interesting trend is the sultan pants that have now become hot cake. I still remember how we used to laugh at the characters in those Arabian movies for their kind of pants. Today, people are seen parading around in Arabian pants (even PSquare).

One does not need to travel far to see some really interesting outfits. Both males and females flaunt their fashion styles at the least opportunity. On the streets, at events and even at church, the evolution of fashion is tremendous and significant.

The degree of change, whether good or bad is a subjective one rather than objective and as such the term ‘sense of fashion’ is usually left to the discretion of the fashionista.

Like the saying, pictures speak a thousand words, maybe these pictures can tell the story of the evolution of fashion a lot better than I can.

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