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Entertainment of Friday, 13 January 2017


Online News Surgeon writes: Why Malonzy is the real rap 'sofo'

Malozy play videoMalozy

Undoubtedly, a new name that’s morphing into a household artist name in Ghana is that of the young Gospel Rapper MALONZY. After hitting mainstream TV with a banger music video “Golgotha”, everyone kept asking WHO IS THIS NEW GUY?

Before viewers and listeners could catch their breath, he had again come out with a very catchy tune and flawless music video titled “Yesu Ba” which highlights the coming of Christ and the need for a renewed mind.

The somewhat humor-filled chorus manages to hit on key socio-religious concerns including Sakawa, fake pastors/prophets and infidelity. No gospel music video in Ghana has exhibited this much boogie, rap flow and emotional appeals.

He calls himself “Nyame Akoa Malonzy” (Malonzy the servant of God) .However, the streets are beginning to murmur “The New Rap Sofo”. The name which was coined by the legendary Obrafour seems to be a perfect fit for this US based son of the motherland who can truly break down the Twi dialect like grandma in Berkwai.

The quite convincing supporting argument is that the lyrics of a true “Rap Sofo” ought to make ample quotations and references to the bible just like a Bishop Oyadepo or Duncan Williams behind the pulpit.

Unlike Obrafour who generally hammers on ethics and good behavior, Nyame Akoa Malonzy goes straight into the Holy Book with verses and story lines that are flawlessly biblical.

Eyes are beholding and lips are clapping about this evolving squabble.Oh Yes,Nyame Akoa Malonzy has really catch the streets at a super ripe moment.

Born in real life as Richard Akomaning;Nyame Akoa Malonzy is currently out with his hit single track titled ‘2017’ which is enjoying massive airplay.

With this assertion from Reagan Mends aka ‘De Online News Surgeon’,should we still wait for the general public to decide who is really the rap "Sofo"?

Well,watch their videos below !.