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One On One With The Music Man
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Music of Thursday, 14 September 2006

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One On One With The Music Man

The famous female icon in the music industry known in showbiz circles as Mzbel on Tuesday 12 September, together with five other girls and a boy of about 7 years old were brutally assaulted at her residence ? New Gbawe.

At about 1:35 am, a gang of 3 armed robbers partly masked with handkerchiefs came to the house without anyone hearing. As they broke through the main door with big blocks, one of the girls by name Roxy upon hearing the noise woke up to see what was happening.

To her surprise, she came into contact with the robbers who pointed guns at her head and asked her to stay calm. They then led her to the rooms of the other girls including Mzbel and on seeing the robbers, one of the girls collapsed.

The 3 armed robbers then asked Mzbel to either hand over 10,000 US dollars because according to them, they knew she had come back from Liberia with such an amount or loose her life. They wanted nothing less than ?I don?t have such an amount? so when Mzbel told them she had no such amount on her, they hit her with the back of their guns even though they had made their way with $900, ?500, ?800,000, jewellery, 5 mobile phones, a laptop, a camcorder, 2 VCD players, clothes and shoes.

As if that was all, they wanted to sexually molest them which they refused by screaming. Due to this, one of the armed robbers used his gun to hit the abdomen of Roxy and beat her up severely.

When they realised the screams were becoming intense, they took to their heels. During the course of the robbery, one of the robbers mentioned Mzbel?s cousin by name Ato as the one who sent them so he is now in police custody for interrogation.

According to the medical report, she was not raped as some media houses are reporting. I think the emphasis should be on the robbery and not her being raped. Some media houses and members of the public are even relating it to her style of dressing that has brought about this.

No law or criminal code points out that a person?s style of dressing calls for sexual molestation. This should not be a justification for such an act. This is the time we should be sympathising with her because it could happen to anyone.

And to those hypocritical and selfish media houses, give me a break! Why should you be dwelling on her style of dressing rather than sending the right signal or message across? The subject here is the attack and nothing else. It?s not all about making sales with false information.

As I said, this is the time we Ghanaians especially women should stand up against such an act. The government should definitely intervene because it?s very appalling. It is on the increase and a stop should be put to it.

Let?s all lend a sympathetic hand to Mzbel. This is the time we should show much love to her. If you want to do so, send a word of sympathy via Ghana Music.com and mzbelonline.com.

Stand up Ghana, stand up women.

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