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Entertainment of Monday, 23 January 2023


Okomfo Kolege slams LilWin, others over ‘highest funeral donation’ scuffle

Kumawood actor, Okomfo Kolege play videoKumawood actor, Okomfo Kolege

Kumawood actor, Okomfo Kolege, has responded to the ongoing banter among his colleagues, concerning who gave the largest donation at his wife’s funeral.

Earlier, LilWin, lambasted some actors for making a fuss about his absence at the burial.

According to him, he gave the highest donation among his colleagues although he wasn’t present for the burial which was held on a Saturday.

“A lot of stars did not attend the funeral on Saturday but mine was the topic of discussion. I have been insulted for it. And after all the insults hurled at me, it was only GHC1,000 you guys were able to donate. Go and ask how much I gave. Go and ask who gave the highest donation,” he stated.

LilWin’s comments stirred controversy on social media and even sparked a back-and-forth with some of his colleagues.

But responding to all these, Kolege in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia said there are people who gave very huge sums of money but chose not to trumpet it.

Kolege, who seems unhappy about what he described as ‘unnecessary rifts’ among his colleagues on social media said;

“I don’t know where the youth and our colleagues want to take this industry but if this is the tangent we want to go, it won’t help us. I am mourning, I don’t have time to check who gave out what. Whatever the amount was, I never checked or asked. That shouldn’t be an issue. What I have lost is far bigger than GHC1,000, GHC2,000, or even GHC3,000. It won’t bring my wife back. I have lost a wife and a baby. The funeral wasn’t a GHC1,000 or even GHC2,000 worth of funeral. I will urge my colleagues to stop the unnecessary fights and unite.

“There are people who have chosen to remain anonymous but have given very huge contributions and shown massive support. One of our female colleagues gave out a huge sum of money, you will be frightened if I disclose the figure to you. I won't mention names. Every bit of support was to honour my wife. And after all, is said and done, we shouldn’t be quarreling about who gave what. It doesn’t help. I love LilWin and he knows it. But I’ll urge him to put everything aside and focus. I’ll entreat my other colleagues to do same. I just returned to work and you guys are fighting among yourselves,” he stated.


Okomfo Kolege's wife, Millicent Oteng, died on Saturday, November 17, 2022, during childbirth.

The actor disclosed in an interview with Kwaku Manu that his wife's death was caused by an instant pressure amidst her pain to push while in labor.

He said autopsy results disclosed that the pressure rushed blood into his wife's head and caused a tear in the nerves in her head.

Watch the video below: