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Entertainment of Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Obinim is a true man of God - Diamond

Daimond, Musician Daimond, Musician

Musician Daimond has jumped to the defence of Bishop Daniel Obinim, insisting the founder and leader of International Godsway Church is an ordained man of God whose faith prophetic gifts and calling as a preacher of the gospel are unquestionable.

She maintains that fault-finders must get off the Bishop’s back because recent criticisms and attacks on beliefs and actions of the televangelist are unwarranted and unjustified.

Diamond’s conviction and support for under-fire Bishop Obinim is also understandable as a congregant of the International Godsway Church who looks up to their leader for spiritual direction and inspiration.

She had this for such detractors when she spoke with Showbiz on Monday. “Let them mind their business. Who are they to judge a man of God? People just love to pass judgment when they are even guilty of the sin they are judging others for.

“Was David not described by God as the man after His heart? But what did he do? Didn’t he sleep with another man’s wife?

Ghanaians love to put on the cloth of righteousness to point fingers at others,” she said.

She also feels Obinim had been unfairly treated by the media. “A section of the media is out to paint him black and as a church member; it is my right to save the image of my pastor. Bishop Obinim isn’t who people think he is.

“He has been a blessing to the poor and the needy in society yet, people who have no moral right insult and pass derogatory comments about him. That can’t be accepted,” the United Progressive Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Trobu constituency stated.

Diamond who expressed confidence in Obinim as her pastor and a good shepherd during the interview said before joining Godsway Church, she had been a strong critic of him until she decided to “find out the truth”.

“Many peopl on social media create the impression that congregants of Obinim’s church are ignorant and illiterates. Who told them that’s the reality? Let me make it known that there are lawyers, doctors, engineers, chiefs and people of high standing in this country who are members the church. How could anyone label such people as ignorant?” she queried.

Though the Taste My Apple singer was very profound in the defence of her pastor, she didn’t want to join in the debate of the spiritual powers of Obinim when that was pointed out to her.

“I have no authority to comment on his spiritual powers but what I can say is that I have been spiritually enlightened”, she added.

For Diamond, it is rather unfortunate that some pastors have joined in the ridiculing one of their own. “Our churches and their leaders must learn to preach peace and unity instead of sowing seeds of discord among Christians. What will you achieve if you malign your fellow pastor?

“Some of them are behaving like the Pharisees who called Jesus a magician and even connived to have Him killed. That is how some of the pastors in the country are behaving now. For me, I know real men of God don’t judge or ridicule others. They should tread cautiously because being a man of God doesn’t make you God and judge over others,” she said.