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Music of Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Nii Funny releases 'Broken Heart' for the men

Nii Funny Nii Funny

Budding Ghanaian artiste, Nii Funny’s new song, ‘Broken Heart’ popularly known as ‘Yooko Ebreaki Mi’ is more of a realistic experience, but for the endorsed ideology that ‘women have fragile hearts’; little or no attention is paid to the cries, pains and hurts men go through silently in or out of a relationship.

The ideology that ‘men are strong’ has led a lot of men to become alcohol and drug addicts; an indirect male sex worker who in mind is revenging; or having multiple relationships. Even with that mindset, they cry within though they appear manly and strong on the outside; seeming focused and glowing with smiles.

One of the causes of break ups in several love relationship is the influx of foreign telenovelas on our local Television stations. A majority of the viewers of these telenovelas are ladies who start to base their love relationships on what is depicted in the telenovelas they watch.

Since its inception in Ghana, from ‘Esmeralda’, ‘My Sweet Fat Valentino’, ‘Acapulco Bay’, to ‘Don’t mess with an angel’, ‘The Untamed’ and the current most popular, ‘La Gata’; the male lead characters are always to be blamed for not being ‘men enough’ to protect their relationships ending up with the female lead characters revenging and absolutely not sharing blames for the failed relationships.

These telenovelas always end with the man pleading and doing everything possible to save their relationships.

And ‘gladly’ in the hearts of the women viewers, none of these telenovelas has ever considered men as ‘humans with blood flowing within them’; men have largely been portrayed as though they are just some aliens sent to accompany women to the world.

In the Ghanaian society, women (ladies) are very quick in comparing most situations they encounter whether in their relationships or typical situations to scenarios seen in these telenovelas.

And especially when their expectation of memorable proposing moments and romancing experiences does not become a reality, doom befalls their partners. Just there and then, they apply the revenge tactics displayed by these telenovelas' on their men.

Funny enough, the suffering of men never gain attention; rather they are blamed for every little fault in the relationship.

Indeed, ‘women with fragile hearts’ have been perfectly endorsed, signed and sealed; but isn’t it time to free our men of their pains? Can’t we appreciate the ‘least’ efforts they put in to make us happy?

Women; Men have got blood in their systems too, feel their pain a little !!!

Hear Nii Funny’s ‘Yooko Ebreaki Mi’ produced by Spanky which speaks for men below;